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Steelpan and Handpan Makers/Tuners with a Satan-Free Sound: Panstream, Dave's Island Instruments & Innersound

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Our newfound friends and colleagues over at HandPans Magazine recently made mention of the ''Holy War'' that KaribPAN has launched against the demonic Handpan Mafia in their blog, which we discussed in our last article. Upon further thought, I must admit that Handpans Magazine's portrayal and characterization of our historic, demon exercising episode in the handpan and steelpan industry as a ''Holy War'' is quite apt and totally fitting! 

In our comment sections here on and on other online handpan/steelpan discussion groups. many prospective buyers who have expressed rightful reservations about purchasing a demonic pan from satanic/nazi makers have asked us to recommend satan-free, spiritually clean alternatives.

Therefore, I would like to use this article to issue some awards to the pan makers and tuners who receive our first annual, ''KaribPAN Certificate of Satan-Free Sound''.


1. Panstream -

We mainly have good things to say about Mark Wilson and his brand, Panstream. Mark Wilson has a pretty extensive steelpan tuning background and as well as an authentic, Caribbean steelband background in general. Overall, he issues a clean, crisp product with no detectable demonic residue as far as his instruments are concerned. His logo is clean and he runs a legitimate operation overall.

We have been observing Panstream for some time now, and can clearly recall their success on platforms like ebay, when they had regular offerings that were snatched up as quickly as hot bread. As platforms like ebay became increasingly flooded with new makers/tuners and their offerings, Panstream became less and less visible on there and I do not blame them. With the kind of volume that Mark Wilson was doing on ebay, I can only imagine how much the ebay fees cut into his profit margins. With slim profit margins and increasing competition which has steadily been driving down prices, we definitely do not blame them for seemingly abandoning the platform altogether!

The one thing that causes a raised eyebrow over here at Karibpan concerning Panstream is the latest news article published on their website dated today, August 3, 2016, which states,

''In a collaboration with Hardcase Technologies we have HcT products available to purchase trough our shop. A no hassle way to order a case, accessories and maintenance products of your choice and receive the whole package together with your Instrument.''
Mark, my brother, I do not know you personally, but you are heading down the wrong path with this new collaboration of yours and HCT! Heed my words and stop while you are ahead otherwise your brand and instruments are liable to be tainted with demonic energy! 
Please refer to a recent article we published about demonic outfits like HCT:
For any readers who may be interested in purchasing an instrument from Panstream, please do so, but do not purchase an HCT case from them otherwise it will channel the same demonic energy you are trying to avoid and taint your Panstream instrument with negatively charged energy! 
For any of the readers who are members of the Handpan Mafia controlled facebook group called ''Handpan Instruments'', and had been following KaribPAN's postings on there before our articles were banned and ultimately censored/deleted, you may recall the extremely blasphemous video that HCT uploaded as a response to one of our articles. I did not save the video as I did not wish to infest my hard-drive with this extremely satanic energy, but this disturbing video included an indivudual in a demonic, HCT branded mask in front of the camera lip synching the blasphemous lines of an old Hollywood movie, in which The Most High is cursed, and Satan is revered. This to me was firm confirmation that everything we had published about HCT was in fact correct! 
So Mark, please heed my warnings because we will continue to observe you and if you persist in going down the wrong road and publicly tainting your brand with these satanic Handpan Mafia types, we are going to come down hard on you and call you out!
A word to the wise is sufficient, as the old foks say. 
2. Dave's Island Instruments:
Dave Beery is another maker with an extensive steelpan tuning background which he parlayed into handpan tuning with a good deal of success. Based purely on the merits, Dave's Island Instruments has a clean logo and well-made instruments.
Dave's Island Instruments overall are KaribPAN Approved in spite of them using licensed, patented PANart technology to craft their handpans. Thus far, we have found no visible traces of satanic/pagan/nazi activity with this outfit, and believe me, we have searched for it!
As in the case of Mark Wilson and Panstream, the only incriminating evidence we could find on Dave Beery's behalf was his association with various members of the Handpan Mafia through his presence at various handpan gatherings, but at this point, we have no evidence to make us believe that his presence was anything more than casual associations as these Handpan Mafia types apparently do not influence his brand in any visible way that we can tell.
Another eyebrow raiser concerning Dave Beery is the fact that he taught Stevan Morris of Hamsa ''The Talisman'' Handpans the art of tuning. You can read our expose covering Hamsa Handpans and The Pantasia Gathering here:
As a result of our research into Stevan Morris and the Pantasia Gathering, we are of the firm belief that Stevan Morris is firmly entrenched in demonic activity and his handpan abominations are by no means an exception to the rule by extension. 
In a court of law it is highly plausible and quite common to be found guilty by association, however, in the case of Dave Beery mentoring Stevan Morris, we have found no indications that Dave actually mentored Stevan in the occult! However, as we are very vigiliant at KaribPAN and always have a heightened radar and awareness concerning such matters, we will continue to keep an eye on Dave's Island Instruments and watch out for any odd developments. However as it stands, Dave's Island Instruments is running a clean operation as far as we can tell!
3. Innersound:
Innersound is an outfit that is quite close to home, literally, as they are right in my backyard. Innersound is a Berlin- based outfit, and KaribPAN has a base in Berlin as well. As we are so close proximity wise, I have come to gain a fairly intimate knowledge of their operations and business practices. 
As the reader can tell from their logo, they are running a clean operation and they are definitely not tuning demons or demonic frequencies into their instruments by any stretch of the imagination. Although the feedback regarding the quality of their instruments can run the gammut so to speak, overall, I am personally of the opinion that they produce decent instruments. 
A bit of the background which I find interesting is that Manfred, the owner, initailly began working with Eckhard Schulz, who was exposed by KaribPAN as promoting satanism via his 666 logo:
Needless to say, in true demonic Handpan Mafia fashion, Eckhard Schulz kicked Manfred to the curb when he grew tired of profit sharing and began to develop his own demonic Blue Point Steel Harp. 
Manfred subsequently began to utilize the services of another tuner who likes to go by the name ''Phantom'', as he apparently does not desire notoriety or handpan fame. As a result of this particular Innersound tuner's desires or lack thereof, I will not disclose his name out of respect for his privacy! But this tuner from Innersound also has a steelpan background and began crafting and tuning steelpans before he began tuning handpans.
''Phantom'' initially picked up the art of steelpan tuning in the Caribbean before returning to Germany to hone his skills through self-teaching methods. 
With the three above makers/tuners having been mentioned, I would like to close this unprecendented awards ceremony centered around the steelpan outfits who have received the first annual ''KaribPAN Certificate of Satan-Free Sound''. 
As it is quite clear, this is an exclusive award that is now only available to the few out of many who have demonstrated their ability to tune and craft pans based on love, skill and positive energy, with no satanic strings attached! With that being said, at KaribPAN, we are encouraging others to follow our lead in working towards a satan-free, sustainable steelpan future! 

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    עברי ישראלי

  • pastorpaul on

    We aren’t selling anything, the way you are. No receipt needed from us, just our prayers to you. God bless

  • Admin on

    Dear Readers,

    Just when I thought I had seen it all! We now have Handpan Mafia trolls pretending to be pastors!

    You can only get this kind of entertainment here!

  • Admin on

    Um, “Pastor”

    We will be waiting for your contact information! At KaribPAN we show our receipts so we expect nothing less from you.

    No receipts = no proof of purchase.

  • pastorpaul on

    Like Satan tempted Christ to prove himself, so it is that you demand proof for what is obviously right in front of you. I see more and more of the demons in you spilling out. Calling people names like “Dummy” “Noob” “Flunkies” sounds like a demonic child has grabbed your tongue and twisted itself around your fingers as you type. No, I will not succomb to the will of the possessed. I will only continue to pray. We all will. We don’t have a website for our prayer group. We don’t seek fame and fortune the way you do here. Our battles lie within our prayer walls. This internet, as I find myself on now, is repsonsible for more evil than the demons you speak of. Again, any engagement with you summons the power of the devil’s temptations to prove, disprove, and walk away from faith. Praying for you, God Bless

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