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''Percussion Discussion'' feat. Rudy Kendall & Jo Kaster (Live Studio Recording) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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''Percussion Discussion'' feat. Rudy Kendall & Jo Kaster (Live Studio Recording) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD



   ''Percussion Discussion'' is the first set of songs which were performed and recorded as a result of a musical collaboration between Rudy Kendall (steelpan) and Jo Kaster (cajon, djembe, percussion). Rudy and Jo began collaborating musically in 2011 after meeting while performing on the High Street and squares of Cologne, Germany. The pair has performed together before elated and energized audiences at multiple venues across Germany over the years, while bringing the authentic flavor and culture of the Caribbean steelpan, paired with the exotic, pulsating rhythms of the cajon and djembe in tow. 

   Remaining faithful to Caribbean steelband culture, ''Percussion Discussion'' features a downbeat take on The Grand Master, Lord Kitchener's steelband standard, ''Mystery Band'', while island hopping over to the soca landscape of St. Thomas, home of the USVI's premier soca band, Jam Band in order to perform a new take on ''Possessed'', which was the St. Thomas, USVI Road March tune of Carnival 1993. 

   ''Jump Up''  is another USVI inspired tune which pays homage to the Rising Stars Youth Steel Orchestra, a decades old USVI institution where Rudy Kendall received an early, formal steelpan education and joined the ranks of other literal rising stars such as Freddy Harris III, Delano ''Pressure Buss Pipe'' Brown, and Justin Petty among others, who would continue to be cultural ambassadors for the steelpan instrument and Caribbean culture into adulthood, long after leaving the Rising Stars. 

   The title track, ''Percussion Discussion'' is an original, unrehearsed, nine minute improvisational piece which highlights Jo Kaster's finely tuned percussion skills and innate feel for percussion instruments, of which he is not only a skilled player, but also a distinguished maker as well. The cajon used for this studio album was made by Jo Kaster in fact. 

  All tracks for this live studio album were recorded, mixed and mastered by Jo Kaster at Jo Kaster Studios in Nettersheim, Germany. 

  The following is an improvisational track entitled, ''Percussion Discussion Take 2'', which is track 8 on the live studio album, ''Percussion Discussion'':



1. El Negro (Calixto Ochoa) - 4.29

2. Jump Up (Seafu George)- 3:51

3. Possesed (Jam Band)- 3:19

4. Doesn't Really Matter (Janet Jackson)- 4:08

5. Turn Me On (Kevin Lyttle)- 3:54

6. Under The Sea (''The Little Mermaid'') - 3:28

7. Percussion Discussion - 9:38

8. Percussion Discussion Take 2 - 8:46

9. Mystery Band (Lord Kitchener)- 5:09






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