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Hamsa Handpans The Talisman Teams with ''Pantasia Gathering'', a Secret Society Sect Selling Spiritual Snake Oil

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For the readers who have been following the KaribPAN blog and joining us on this jinn-filled journey into the satanic, occultic nature of the handpan industry, please remember the bottom line in all of this; namely that the handpan community is being sold snake oil blessed by Satan under the guise of holistic, spiritually uplifting handpans capable of healing. In the process, those who support these hellish handpan houses by virtue of purchasing their instruments or supporting their brands are unwittingly getting a host of demons and demonic frequencies that have been channeled and tuned into their pans, while simultaneously being led down the fast track of the highway to hell.

Apparently Mark Garner has taken the lead of his ''demi-god'' master Kyle Cox, and deleted his online demonic photos of his soul-damning merchandise. The photos that Mark Garner previously had online of his demonic discs decorated with devilish, inverted pentagrams, were finallly removed after several days of indignant defiance towards KaribPAN. These inverted pentagrams are presumably being etched into Saraz shells in order to channel demonic energy into his instruments, which is used to ensare people and entice them towards the damnation of their souls.

But as this is a satanically driven Handpan Mafia cult we are talking about here, there are many interconnected characters involved at various levels, each playing their role. 


In this sinister looking version of the Hamsa Handpan logo, we have 7 spirals which represent the number 6. 

7x6=42 and 4+2= 6

7+6= 13

Additionally in the logo there are 3 fingers depicted, and the number 3 could be said to represent the 3 sides of a pyramid as well a subliminal representation of TRIPLE 6(spirals) or 666.


Stevan Morris, the founder of Hamsa handpans, describes his version of the Hamsa Hand as follows:


Now that we discuss Stevan Morris' sinister, satanic version of the Hamsa Hand, 

let's have a look at the BIble to see what it says about amulets such as the Hamsa Hand:


Ezekiel 13 (NIV)


 20 ''Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am against your magic charms with which you ensnare people like birds and I will tear them from your arms; I will set free the people that you ensnare like birds.''

There are a few things worthy of note given this particular Bible verse. 

Firstly, the Hamsa hand is quite a popular tattoo that people get on their arms and other parts of their bodies. Secondly there is a bird featured as a central image on the Hamsa Hand, which is generally a peacock. Thirdly, according to Stevan Morris, he includes a hand printed Hamsa Hand on each and every one of his instruments. 

If this still sounds innocent enough given the above facts, let's take a closer look at the kind of company that Stevan Morris chooses to keep. As I was growing up as a child in the Caribbean, my elders constantly reiterated that, ''You are judged by the company you keep''. To this day, this is a very wise saying that I hold dear.

In the above photo, we have none other than Stevan Morris alongside his good buddy ol' pal, Mark Garner. For the readers who have not been following the KaribPAN blog and our continued exposure of the Satanic Handpan Mafia cult that established, and strictly controls the handpan industry, please refer to our previous blog posts for more information about the demonic inclinations of Saraz. 

Any associates of Kyle Cox and Mark Garner immediately raise my suspicions and Stevan Morris is by no means an exception given his track record thus far. 


The Pantasia Gathering: A Secret Society with a Vow of Silence:

The Pantasia Gathering is an annual handpan retreat organized by Stevan Morris of Hamsa Handpan and attendees include, Mark Garner, Colin Foulke, and many of the usual suspects of the US branch of the satanic Handpan Mafia. This particular photo above was provided by Mr. ''Please Feed the Musicians'' Bob Eccleston, who is also a Pantasia Gathering attendee and one of the most vocal, fascist critcs of KaribPAN as he has staunchly encouraged the censorship of our blog on other sites where he has influence.

He has also suggested that KaribPAN be sued in a court of law for exercising our right to free speech which is surprising, as Bob being the good ol' boy, red-blooded American male that he is, should surely appreciate and hold dear the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees the right of free speech. But as a co-conspirator in the santanic handpan secret society that is in the business of selling/promoting snake oil in the form of satanically charged handpans, hypocrisy is surely nothing new to him!

I am convinced Bob has been so vocal in opposing KaribPAN because it is obvious he has something to hide judging from the above ''vow of silence'' photo of his.

However, aside from the fact that ''Pantasia'' is a rip off of the ''Fantasia'' Disney series, (which is no coincidence given what I have previously written in blog posts about the demonic nature of Disney and its links to the Handpan Mafia), the photo featured above gives any spiritually aware viewer the distinct impression that there is clandestine activity going on at this event.

William Ramsey wrote a well researched article on the history behind the ''vow of silence'' and states:

''the doctrine of silence pervades Western occult groups and their practices.  The importance of silence in the elite stretches from ancient Egypt to current pagan and occult influenced secret societies.  Members of these furtive groups  emphasize silence to prevent curious individuals excluded from these secret societies from easily determining their agendas.

 Furthermore, important personal and business connections remain undisclosed to the public by individuals committed to a code of silence.  This silence ensures the preservation of power and influence by individuals involved in these secret societies and secret arrangements.   This code of silence operates as a hidden cancer in any society, and must be exposed to ensure transparent and equitable political and business arrangements.''

Here is a photo of Aleister Crowley, the self-proclaimed ''Great Beast'' exhibiting the ''vow of silence'' with his pipe:

For more on one of the most revered satanists of our time, you can go here:


The actual site that was chosen as the location of the ''Pantasia Gathering'' is called Joshua Tree Retreat Center, and it is located outside of Los Angeles in southern California. Notwithstanding the fact that Joshua Tree is an ancient, sacred site, the retreat itself and its structures have a very deep recent history that is filled with occultic, satanic influences. In light of this fact, it should come as no surprise that this particular location was chosen for the host site of the Pantasia Gathering. 

The white Integratron dome building which is pictured above, and which hosted some of the Pantasia handpan gatherings on the site has a very strange history indeed. It was built using sacred geometry by a man by the name of George Van Tassel, who claimed to be a UFO abductee. As soon as I mention the word UFO, the alarm bells should be going off in your collective heads seeing that the handpan itself has an uncanny likeness to UFO's, the significance of which I outlined in this recent KaribPAN blog article:

The website Echoes of Enoch gives us some crucial, relevant details about George Van Tassel:

''George Van Tassel claims both psychic and physical contact with the same Nordic aliens. In 1942 he met and became friends with an eccentric loner, Frank Critzer, who claimed to be working a mine somewhere near Giant Rock, a 7-story boulder near Landers, California. Frank Critzer was a German immigrant trying to make a living in the desert as a prospector. During World War II Critzer was under suspicion as a German spy . When officials came to question and search his underground living quarters he built under Giant rock, he blew himself up with dynamite he had stolen from a  nearby construction site. Immediately afterward Van Tassel leased the land of Giant Rock and moved his wife and children in the refurbished living quarters.
Van Tassel eventually built a home, a cafe, a small airstrip, and a dude ranch beside the Rock. It is there where he had his first physical encounter with "Solgonda", his main space brother contact. He was told to build the  Integratron a domed building made of wood and fiberglass that was supposed to be a life rejuvenator and time/ dimension machine. There were no moving parts or machinery and although on the lunatic fringe, he had many followers. He also hosted The Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention annually held beside the Rock, from 1953 to 1978, that attracted at its peak in 1959 as many as 10,000 attendees. Guests trekked to the desert by car or landed airplanes on Van Tassel's small airstrip, grandly called Giant Rock Airport.''

Now that we have established that the architect of the Integratron dome building that is host to the annual Pantasia handpan gatherings was a self-proclaimed UFO abductee, who was in contact with Nordic Aliens, let's look at some of the other structures located on the site of Joshua Tree, which are part of the greater hosting facilities of the Pantasia Handpan Gathering cult:

The particular structures above were designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright, who was not only an architectural mason, but a high ranking member of the freemasons, which is a satanic secret society to its core. You can read more about the satanic nature of freemasonry here:


Let's take a look at some images of the interior of a freemasonic temple to see if the readers can find any similarites between it and the Frank Lloyd Wright designed architecture of the above structures at Joshua Tree:


Are these pyramids starting to look familiar now as they seem to be a mainstay of handpan gatherings?


Now, let's get back to Frank LLoyd Wright, whose buildings have gained a rather gruesome reputation due to mass murders being committed in structures that he designed, as well as numerous reports of demonic activity being present in his buildings.

Architect Magazine provides some gruesome details about the nefarious nature of various Frank Lloyd Wright buildings:

 ''Over the course of his seventy-year career, Wright designed over 1,000 projects and realized almost 500.  Many of the houses he designed have become preserved monuments to that legacy—even after they have burned down, their eerie remains have served as a memorial to the architect. However, some of the works, and their inhabitants, have been less fortunate. Even Wright himself suffered great tragedy at his own home—and he was never the same.

The following houses have set the scenes for mass murders, sensationalized screenplays, and honest mistakes with huge fall-outs.''

1. Taliesin - Mass murder of 7 people with an axe on a 600 acre property.

2. Ennis House - ''The house has taken several beatings, first in the 1994 Northridge earthquake and then from torrential rains in 2004, and has since been bought by a private owner to maintain its costly structure. But before that, it was envisioned as the background for ''House on a Haunted Hill''

3.Dana-Thomas House -  ''Susan Lawrence Dana was an admired, independent woman in Springfield, Ill., who inherited a large fortune from her father, a military goods salesman during the Civil War. Although Susan’s life may have seemed complete to an outsider, her personal life was stricken with the deaths of two infant children, her first and second husbands, and a cousin with whom she lived with. ''

4. Pauson House - ''Rose Pauson commissioned this Phoenix home, completed in 1940, from Wright as a winter getaway from her native San Francisco. However, Rose and her sister Gertrude only lived in the two-story home for a season, because it burned to the ground when an ember blew into a curtain in 1942.''

As one who does not believe in coincidence, it is clear to me that Frank Lloyd Wright was under a serious demonic spell and channeled untold demonic energy into his architectural structures. This is the same sort of demonic energy that is channeled into the handpan sound structures designed by the likes of Stevan Morris, Kyle Cox, Felix Rohner, and numerous others whom I have already mentioned in previous blog articles. 

If that is not enough, before I close this article, let us take a look at the Institute of Mental Physics, which is another name for the Joshua Tree retreat center:



Do you see any familiar pyramid symbolism in the logo? I will not get into details on Mental Physics, as by now my point should be very clear. There is a recurring theme of a code of silence, satanism, pyramids and secret agendas where the handpan industry is concerned on a wide scale. The handpan industry is overwhelmingly comprised of satanic, snake oil selling demon conjurers who knowingly and willfully sell handpan consumers FREE demons with each purchase! 

As I find myself doing lately in order to bring complete clarity and cleansing to the KaribPAN blog space, I feel compelled to quote some more verses from the Bible before closing, as I find that discussing topics such as the handpan industry and its throughly satanic nature creates a heavy, demonic atmosphere which must be purged with The Word. 


Revelation (KJV)

12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.

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  • Admin on

    Dear Hefe,

    Thanks for your question. We specialize in steelpans and made a few Handpan prototypes in order to make a statement to those numerous individuals in the industry who have stolen our national instrument, which is a cultural institution, and turned it into a diabolic abomination for profit. This should be clear by our blog and as long as we have a voice, we will continue to go on the record with our objections and raise awareness about this cultural misappropriation.

  • hefe on

    i have only one question for you: why do you make handpans?

  • Admin on

    Nick, as this is not a personal issue, I fail to see the need to meet any of the above mentioned persons. I know them by their deeds and their works.
    If you want to talk about ‘’having respect’’ for my surroundings, let’s talk about the European culture thieves who have stolen wholesale the steelpan instrument and turned it into a satanic abomination! let’s talk about how the same handpan communiy does the same to the didgeridoo, which they have no business playing, and I could go on and on ad infinitum. YOu want to talk about respect, Nick? Why dont you and the handpan community start to show it, and be creative for once in your lives instead of ripping off all the indigenous cultures of the earth and plundering everywhere to line your own pockets! Lets talk about that, huh?

    But someone like you, Nick, who comes here with your entitled attitude would never have the integrity to discuss this. Neither anyone else in the handpan community, but I will! Stay tuned.

  • Nick on

    If that is your reaction to it, then i have nothing else to say than what Gordon Ramsay would say: “You are completely delusional and need to come out of your bubble”
    Clearly you have never ever met any of the people properly in person whom you write about. Have some decency for your surrounding as anyone should have.

  • Admin on

    Dear Nick,

    You still don’t get it, huh? This is not about selling pans or making money. This is about exposing an evil agenda and raising awareness. It’s a spiritual battle for souls, not a battle for sales.

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