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Dear Handpan Mafia, Thank You For Making KaribPAN Public Enemy #1 and Keeping Our Name On The Tips of Your Tongues

Author: Rudy Kendall handpan history handpan scams

It goes without saying that the year 2016 has been a very wild ride as far as those who regularly follow online handpan discussions. Now that we are closing out the Gregorian calendar year, the online handpan roller coaster ride continues as crazy and suspenseful as ever, roaring into 2017.  In the annals of handpan history however, 2016 will inevitably go down in the steelpan history books as the year the Handpan Mafia and the general handpan community were exposed as the sham and scam that they are. And KaribPAN has been the foremost author and documenter of the Handpan...

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