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KaribPAN Summer Savings Special: D Integral Handpan (A440 Hz) + 1 Free Tuning -600€ w/ FREE Fedex Intl. Economy Shipping)

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Brand New and Finely Tuned KaribPAN  ''D Integral''  Handpan.    Notes:    D A Bb C D E F A    Our KaribPAN Handpan product lines are tuned by our tuner who has over 40 years of Pan tuning experience. With such an extentive backround in Pan tuning, we use the traditional tuning methods that provide proven results which truly make our Pans SING! (THIS ITEM IS IRREGULAR, HENCE THE PRICE BUT IT IS STILL A GREAT VALUE!!! - The top shell had a small hole in one of the dimples which was welded and featured prominently in the photo...

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