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Highfalutin Flunkies of the Satanic Handpan Agenda: Aciel, Orbipan, Sonobe, Mana Steel, E.C.S. & More

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As of yesterday, July 16, 2016, no more than 24 hours after the release of the KaribPAN exposé of the Pantheon Steel satanic handpan agenda, it seems as though Pantheon Steel has either ''souled out'' or voluntarily removed their Mark of The Beast Soft Bags from their website. 

This is good news indeed, however, as the time is ripe now, the rest of the demonically inspired, satanic, highfalutin flunkies of the Satanic Handpan Agenda must also be deconstructed as well. Sadly enough, it is clear that this type of overt, satanic/Nazi/pagan symbolism among the leading handpan makers is more often the norm than otherwise. 


Let's get into the details, shall we?


At the top of the Highfalutin Flunkies of the Satanic Handpan Agenda List, we have


Aciel is a demon. The following is a quote from the website, ''Wikia'':

''Aciel (called the God Burner) is one of the old gods worshiped by the old religion and especially by the Cult of Aciel, who believe Him to be the old god most likely to wipe out all other gods. It is commonly believed that Aciel has slain several minor and now-forgotten old gods by immolating the gods and all of their followers. Worshipers of other old gods often believe Aciel to be a servant or ally of Zepar or Nestorats.

His worship revolves around fire, and many of His followers believe that He grants visions of the future in the flames. His more fanatical followers often severely burn parts of their body in tribute to Aciel. In the Cult of Aciel, members must survive a gauntlet of fire to be inducted into the cult.

Aciel is commonly depicted as a phoenix or as a red dragon.''


More proof of ACIEL's demonic inspiration lies in another article on the same site and further describes Aciel aka ''The God Burner'' as:


''Aciel ("black sun," or "the Sun of the Night" Sometimes refered to as the God burner .) is ranked as one of the Electors of Hell and is monitored by the angel Raphael, Aciel is an "ensnarer" and one of the seven planetary demons(Saturn). He appears as an attractive man but stands only about three feet tall. Aciel, who dwells in the bowels of the earth, must be invoked three times before he will appear, and will only do so in a magical circle prepared especially for him. He moves and acts as quick as human thought. Able to give riches to his summoner, Aciel will instantly bring forth items from a great distance. He has the power to affect the economy as well as the ability to cause earthquakes.''


As Aciel the demon has the power to affect the economy and ''ensnare'', so does Aciel the handpan maker when it comes to affecting the Handpan market economy due to the fact that they ensnare buyers by offering highly rated, demonically approved instruments at a low cost. Aciel has helped to drive down the prices overall of quality instruments, but their success is no doubt due to them channeling the demonic energy of their demonic master, Aciel aka ''The God Burner''

I could not make this stuff up even if I tried! The rabbit hole goes deep. 


Next on our list, we have,


2. Orbipan:


Here is the Orbipan logo with two prominent 666's as the main features-



In fact, just from skimming over the logo, 666 appears twice. On the first occasion it appears in the spinning pan spirals in the far left of the logo. The second time it appears is where the ''r'' and ''b'' letters in ''orbipan'' join to from two 6's juxtaposed together and lying perpendicularly directly on top of each other, while the ''p'' if turned upside down represents the third 6. So basically, the ''r'', ''b'' and ''p' form 666 for the second consective time in the Orbipan logo.


Here is another visual illustration of the satanically driven sprialling 6's of the Orbipan logo:




3. Sonobe-



With this maker, there are a couple of things in this logo that prove that Sonobe is being used as a vessel of the hellish handpan darkside. The first obvious piece of evidence is in the all-seeing-eye, which is comprised of the second ''o'' in ''sonobe''.

The next blatant piece of evidence Sonobe gives us to confirm his fealty to the handpan darkside is the use of the first ''o'' in ''sonobe'' to form a Rotary Sun Wheel which is the main symbol used by Rotary International:



This is what has to say about the Rotary Wheel and the various occultic components that comprise it;

''The Wheel Logo use for Rotary International has gone through several changes over the years.

Originally, it was a Wagon Wheel with 13 spokes.  This was then changed to 12 spokes (both with the point-in-circle in the center).

Later, the logo became an 8-spoked wheel, representing the Celtic Cross with Sun Wheel - the double Solar Cross with open circle in the center.

Currently, the Rotary Logo features 6 spokes
surrounded with a circular 'cog'.  The circle and rays of the cog represent the Sun. 

This symbol is also known as the 'infernal cog'.  The six spokes represent the 6- pointed star, the most evil symbol in the occult.

The Rotary Logo is depicted in Gold or Yellow, both colors of the Sun.


HEXAGRAM: The 6-pointed Star.  When drawn within a circle, it is the most evil and dangerous occult symbol - used for summoning demons. 

WHEEL: A universal symbol of or cosmic unity, astrology, "the circle of life," evolution, etc.

The pagan sacred circle plus any number of Radiating Spokes or petals form the wheel - a Wheel of Life to Buddhists, a Medicine Wheel to Native Americans, a Mandala to Hindus.

It symbolizes unity, movement, the sun, the zodiac, reincarnation, and earth's cycles of renewal. Pagans use it in astrology, magic and many kinds of rituals.

This became a magical amulet to the Celtic Gauls or Gaels in Europe. Later, "Christians adopted the form, changing it slightly, so that it became a Christ monogram drawn within a circle."

The Sun Wheel is a universal symbol found on ancient slabs in Nordic countries, in pre-Columbian America and in Mediterranean countries. 

"Today, it is used as a logo by some new fascist organizations," according to the Dictionary of Symbols.  Like the swastika and other sun symbols, it represents power and supremacy.   

It serves as a logo for the Swedish national socialist party, Nordiska Rikspartiets, and for the French Jeune Nation.

SUN FACE:  A symbol that has been central to most major spiritual systems of history. Since the sun god usually reigned over a pantheon of lesser gods. his symbol played a vital part in pagan worship (and in the rituals of occult secret societies) around the world.

SUN and SUN SIGN:  The sun was worshiped as a personified, life-giving deity in Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and other major civilizations of history. Today's more common symbol is the familiar face in the center of the sun's rays.

A dot or point in the center of a circle symbolizes the blending of male and female forces.  Hindus call the midpoint in a circle the bindu - the spark of (masculine) life within the cosmic womb.''



A more well known version of Sonobe's Satanically inspired Nazi sun wheel is the swastika, which was used by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's as their main primary logo.


Japan also has a strong fascist history in light of the nation being in bed with the Nazi's as part of the Axis powers, who instigated and finally lost WWII. Sonobe is undoubtedly no stranger to the fascism he is promoting through his brand. 


Speaking of Swastikas and sun crosses, let's move right along to Mana Steel.


4. Mana Steel:



In the central image of the Mana Steel logo, we have a ´black sword in the middle of a black pan. The two form a solar cross aka sun cross aka Odin's cross. Are these demonically inspired themes of paganism/satanism starting to look more and more familiar now as we delve into the symbolism behind these prominent and highly regarded handpan outfits?


Deeper into the rabbit hole we go!


The following description of the solar cross used in Mana Steel's logo can be found at



The Solar cross is probably the oldest religious symbol in the world, appearing in Asian, American, European, and Indian religious art from the dawn of history. Composed of a equal armed cross within a circle, it represents the solar calendar- the movements of the sun, marked by the solstices. Sometimes the equinoxes are marked as well, giving an eight armed wheel. The swastika is also a form of Solar cross.

The sun cross in its most simplified form (shown above) is known in Northern Europe as Odin’s cross, after the Chief God of the Norse pantheon. It is often used as an emblem by Asatruar, followers of the Norse religion. The word “cross” itself comes from the Old Norse word for this symbol: kros.

The Celtic cross is a symbol of the Celtic Christian Church, borrowed from the pre-Christian Celtic Pagan emblem of the sun God Taranis:''


To add insult to injury, Mana Steel promotes this Nazi symbolism from Israel of all places, where they claim to be based! The hypocrisy here is astounding. 


In further deconstructing the Nazi based nature of the Mana Steel logo, please note the similarities between ther logo and the logo for the KKK Party Veteran's League:



It seems to me that Mana Steel could potentailly be KKK veterans judging by their chosen logo! 

To top it all off, the handle of the sword in the Mana Steel logo forms a pyramid with the word ''steel'' making up the base, and the letter ''m'', which is encircled, forms the eye at the top of the pyramid. 


5. Eckhard C. Schulz:



666 is seemingly everywhere you look among the leading hell raising handpan outfits!


As this is starting to get really repetitive, I will leave you with some more hellish handpan logos to decipher yourselves as a test to see if you, the reader can spot the satanism!




Unless you are blind, the evidence that there are prominent occultic/satanic themes among the majority of the most well known handpan makers and related industry outfits should be clear by now.


And most of these Highfalutin Flunkies of the Satanic Handpan agenda are promoted by:



Can you spot the satanic symbolism? 


All of this evidence begs the question;

Is Kyle Cox the leader or a prominent member of a satanic handpan cult whose job it is to initiate new makers/tuners who will broaden the reach of satanism within the steelpan world?


Besides Kyle Cox initiates such as Saraz and ''SS'', whom I discussed in the last blog post, let's take a quick look at C. Foulke, who has been very busy deleting his background information from his website, as a result no doubt of him sensing the impending swift strike of our mighty KaribPAN Spiritual Sword which is now slicing through him!

Its a pity that he deleted this background info because I was going to use much of it as further evidence that his sudden rise from nowhere to prominence in the handpan world in the space of 2 years is due to his history of aligning himself with Satanic forces such as Disney and now Kyle Cox.

Disney is a leader of the satanic agenda on a global scale and their occultic history is very well documented. Take a look at the following images if you were unaware of Disney's deep links to the darkside:


With all of this discussion of the darkside of the satanically oriented handpan industry, perhaps I should focus the next post on the few handpan makers/tuners who receive our ''KaribPAN Certificate of Satan Free Sound''. 

But definitely not before I cleanse the spiritual energy here and leave the readers with a Bible verse to bring this entire blog post back home:


 Exodus 20 (KJV)

“You shall not make for yourself a carved image—any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth;

you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourthgenerations of those who hate Me,

but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.


















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  • Admin on

    Dear Adminlol,

    Lies, lies and more lies. It’s very telling that the lot of you handpan trolls that post comments here are not even creative with your lies, similar to your lack of creativity when it comes to music, which is the reason you are so fanatical about your beloved handpans.

    Since this Admin has a direct interaction with any of the subjects of our blog articles through email and direct online chats and through the reading of other materials published by the subjects in question, these methods of communication constitute first-hand knowledge concerning these same subjects being covered or uncovered in our blog.

    The bottom line as it has been said here before is that regardless of whether we personally know any of the subjects of our articles is irrelevant because the nature of our work is not personal, however personally you may take it ultimately. Thus, there is no double standard on our part.

    And a genuine customer would have stated their name and order and would not have relegated their discontent to the comment section of our blog in an article that we published months ago.

    There goes whatever shred of credibility you had. Time to find a new username.


  • Adminlol on

    Wait admin, you have been writing all these slander hate filled articles about people you don’t know, have never met, you’ve never spoken to, and have no personal experience with. You’ve taken random pictures from the internet and applied your own twisted lies and false logic to them. Then when someone starts looking into the facts about “admin” you have the nerve to tell them:

    “Do you know anything about the Admin here from personal, first hand knowledge for you to make a personal attack like that by misrepresenting the statements you read here?”

    How can you have such a double standard. You hunt around for pictures and posts on peoples Facebook pages who you don’t know and have never met or spoken to. You’ve got entire articles written about people, places, and things, that you’ve never experienced personally. Time to be honest with yourself about this double standard.

    Btw your handpans sound like garbage. You are completely ripping people off to charge even $500 let alone $1500. I DO have personal experience here as I ordered one and hated it. It was dead and clunky, and definitely far from perfect tuning. No 5ths anywhere. When I tried to send it back for a refund Rudy told me to get lost and I must be worshipping the devil. How’s that for personal experience Rudy?

  • Admin on

    Oh and exorcist, thank you for letting everyone know how you REALLY feel!

  • Admin on

    Dear Mieke,

    There is no use in arguing with a robot.

    Dear exorcist,

    Do you know anything about the Admin here from personal, first hand knowledge for you to make a personal attack like that by misrepresenting the statements you read here?

    If so, state your case and if not, get lost!

  • exorcist on

    Admin himselfs lives in Germany, in the white world he has so much hatred for.

    this guy has huge problems with “double standarts”. not to mention he has stolen steel works from white people. stole our alphabet, has stolen our religion. this guy is a huge lier and bloody thief. shame on him.

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