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If You Own a Hang or Wish to Own a ''PanArt Hang'', You Are Either Highly Misinformed, Very Elitist, or Both!

The ''PanArt Hang'' is a novelty instrument that has peaked.

The proof that it is a novelty instrument that lacks legitimate legs upon which to stand lies in the reality of production of the instrument literally being halted to a trickle for some years now. In addition, while it was once considered ''new'' and interesting among those who failed to realize that it was simply a re-packaged regurgitation of the steelpan, as the market becomes saturated with handpan makers, the novelty surrounding the PanArt Hang has significantly diminished. 

PanArt may retain its status as the ''Robber-in-Chief'' among handpan makers, but it is safe to say that Felix Röhner realized some time ago that if he was not original enough to come up with a true, unique invention (as he mislead many to claim he did through his modified steelpan regurgitation called the ''Hang''), it was very unlikely that he would have the actual creativity required to push the envelope of the instrument enough that it would have true staying power in the long run. 

A brilliant method used by Felix Röhner to save face while increasing the legend surrounding the Hang after undoubtedly realizing the severe limitations of ''his invention'', was his decision to highly limit output and production of the Hang. Subsequent production was strictly slowed down and geared strictly towards individual customers who were personally approved by Mr. Röhner himself on a case-by-case basis. This approval process would include among other things, a personal invitation to the PanArt worshop in Switzerland, where Mr. Röhner would apparently personally decide if that customer was even worthy enough to own one of ''his inventions''.


As this is a Swiss person living in Switzerland we are talking about here, the apparent elitist attitude of Mr. Röhner should come as no surprise! Especially as Switzerland has one of the highest per capita income rates in the world and is undoubtedly a tax haven and shelter for criminal multi-millionaires and billionaires, along with the title it holds of being the most exclusive, snobby country in the world with a highly xenophobic and racist population to boot.


Apparently, there are many eager fools who would jump at the opportunity to visit Mr. Röhner in Switzerland and win his approval and gain the ''privilige'' of owning a Hang.


Mr. Röhner himself recently contacted us through our website and extended an invitation to us to pay him a visit in Switzerland. He as well as offered to send us some books to read about pan, as if Caribbean people like us did not teach him everything he knows about pan, and as if we Caribbean folks did not write the ACTUAL book on pan (despite what some pan vandals in Stockholm, Sweden would like people to believe). 

Needless to say, we turned down Mr. Röhner's invitation and offer with a resounding, ''No'', as our values concerning the business of pan and overall socially conscious and ethical business practices are directly opposed to the PanArt business model which is based on theft and exploitation. 


Mr: Röhner in fact has a guilty conscience. Without prompting, he went on record in his propaganda-filled documentary on the Hang and stated that, ''I am not a thief.''

Oh yes you are, Mr. Röhner, yes you are! 


I will delve into this topic a little more later in another blog post entitled, ''The PanArt Hang Documentary: A Neo-Colonial, Propaganda-Filled Dissemination of Lies''


However, in light of history, this is not the first time we have seen a European attempt to re-write and re-package the history of the negro for the betterrment of the European to the detriment of the negro, steelpan aside. The steelpan may have been invented in T&T, but it was strictly the NEGROES of T&T who invented and developed the steelpan for the most part. I just want to make it perfectly clear that T&T is a republic comprised of many different ethnic groups, but it was the negroes of T&T specifically, who are primarily responsbile for the birth and subsequent development of the steelpan.

Currently, I would have to be blind not to see that Europeans have essentially swooped in and and are lamely attempting to put a Swiss twist on a negro invention (steelpan) while claiming that it is European/ Swiss in origin! 


It may be dissatisfiying to many to be reminded of the huge role that race plays in all of this, as many would prefer not to touch the issue with a ten foot pole. But the fact is that the steelpan is an instrument that was born out of slavery, oppression, and colonization of Caribbean Negroes in T&T. Slavery, oppression and coloniazation imposed upon them by European colonial powers. This fact will never change and I imagine it is a point of cognitive dissonance regarding many Europeans who become involved in steelpan who will never truly feel at home within the steelpan world due to this ugly reality. Thus, it is clear that this cognitive dissonance on their part is the impetus which drives European hang/handpan makers like Felix Röhner who come from steelpan backgrounds, to be able to have a steelpan of their own in order to build their own Eurocentric community which allows them to feel at home. 


As I mentioned in a previous blog posts, the hang/handpan community is overwhelmingly comprised of Europeans who have a Eurocentric point of view regarding the hang/handpan. In other words, most members of that community have bought into the lies spread by Mr. Röhner, as he is apparently revered as some sort of foward thinking guru in the hang/handpan world. These lies are self-serving to the community on the whole, a community for the most part who is seeking to belong to something steelpan related that is reflective of them (Europeans) and not reflective of their former slaves/current negro neo-colonists. 


But like most of the gurus in India past and present however, Mr. Röhner is a patent fraud! 

I am afraid I am digressing too much now since I want to save more of these bits about race for the next blog topic that I mentioned above! 


Getting back on track now, my rhetorical question which will hopefully bring this whole blog post home is, ''What kind of misinformed, elitist idiots grovel and beg before a thief such as Mr. Röhner with the hope that he will grant them the privilige of overpaying thousands of dollars to own a Hang?'' 

Sadly, apparently the answer is that mostly wannabe musicians with more money to burn than talent and musical ability are eager for this ''privilege''. 





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  • Andy on

    Man, I came across this article while researching metal pan and tongue instruments. I must say that this attacking article and your attitude towards commenters is unsightly. Yes, personally choosing who you make instruments for can lead to an elitist culture. But attacking his customers, his country, his race? I mean it’s a bit ridiculous. To restrict the usage of an instrument to one culture is detrimental. Yes, the steel pan was born out of slavery. But many of your claims seem unsubstantiated and spiteful. You have no evidence, you don’t state the information of the patent he is infringing upon, and the cultural argument is overplayed substantially. The banjo is an instrument born from slavery, then developed by white southerners and Appalachian peoples. Now its association is primarily with white country music. Instruments reflect music of the masses, and it is an ever shifting environment.

    Don’t bother angrily responding please, it’s a waste of effort better spent marketing your brand.

  • Admin on

    Dear Sander,

    You just can’t get enough, huh? I see you are back for more, Welcome back!

    I appreciate your comments, but nowhere did I see you address the fact that Mr. Rohner is a liar and a thief. Instead you choose to attack the messenger as all the other commenters who have posted before you with hirt feelings have done.

    Please read the latest blog post for more info on this subject!

    And stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!

  • Sander on

    i feel you, and your pain. And your anger. It is a deep pain you are expressing. And this wants to be heard. It shouts and stamps like a little child, it want the attention it so deeply deserves. It is oke. Your story is heard. And we hear you.
    It is safe to come and play with us. We see you and your broken heart.
    the steelpan is a lovely instrument, and so is the handpan.

    No finger pointing is needed to make these beauties stand out of its own.
    Your pain is visible, and in the open. Lets heal it together.
    But only if you are ready for it. Only then we can come together.
    Your pain needs to be transformed to Love, again.

    It is painful to see the ‘fantasy’ you created about Switzerland. If you could only see the truth here. It would open your heart and let the love for these people shine through again. (they are shitty drivers, that we all know, by the way :) ) But even that is oke. haha.

    your pain must be transformed. Else it will be a dead-end for you. People will stop listening to your attention-seeking blogs. And you will be getting more and more angrier.

    We are here to help. You just open your heart for it. And see that there IS an ear for you who will listen to your story, coming from your heart.

    It will be a wonderful transformation for you. And the whole world therefor.

    Be good and save,


  • Admin on

    Dear “Get A Life”

    How you are not a troll exactly, especially in light of the fact that instead of addressing the fact that Felix Rohner is a liar and thief you choose to make unfounded claims about the quality of our instruments? Isnt this what a troll does; attempt to unhinge the topic and cloud the issue?

    Haha, you PanFart freaks always get so emotional whenever someone like me comes along and bursts your fantasy bubble!

    So you own a hang or dream about owning one and you just found out what an idiot you are when you read this blog, is that it?

    Make sure to check out our recent blog post, “When it Comes to Handpans, Everyone is an Expert” if you care to know what we really think about your valueless, cheap, 2 cent opinion!

    And be sure to stay tuned to our next blog post, ‘’The PanArt Hang Documentary: A Neo-Colonial, Propaganda-Filled Dissemination of Lies’’ for another in depth expose of PanFart.


    You were so busy trolling me you forgot that this is my life, and you came here uninvited to make your point known. I gave you a platform in which to enter my life and troll me so you should actually be thanking me!

    I didn’t find you, you found me so I think it’s pretty obvious who has a life and who does not.

  • Get A Life Admin on

    Your instruments sound horrible…
    No octaves… no fifths… your fundamental is bouncing like a trampoline… and wtf is that colour? Are you colour blind as well as deaf?

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