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Introducing the First 'D' Minor Handpan of the KaribPAN Celtic Minor Series

KaribPAN is happy to introduce the first 'D' minor handpan of our Celtic Minor Series:

Brand new, finely tuned KaribPAN handpan in D Minor. This instrument is part of our Celtic Minor Series. Included is a red custom designed soft case made from faux leather. Free FedEX International Economy Shipping is included with this offer. 


D, E, F G, A, Bb, C, D


Tuning Warranty Terms: Our Tuning Warranty does not cover instruments that have been abused or misused in any way, such as ways that cause the instrument to become damaged apart from normal use, or ways that demonstrate negligence and/or improper handling and/or care of the instrument. Buyer will pay DISCOUNTED RATES BELOW MARKET VALUE for FedEx Priority delivery and return shipping fees for the instrument, unless the instrument is dropped off and picked up in person. 


Please Visit Our Store for ordering information.

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  • karivpan on

    is this wellded too?

  • karivpan on


  • Admin on

    Dear Pill Me Up Scotty,

    I see you are fan of Star Trekish, outerspace, sci-fi fantasy…As such, the Borg should be quite familiar to you because despite your use of numerous emails and aliases on here, all of your aliases express the same hive mind and say the same thing. You are undoubtedly a certified member of the handpan community aka the Borg. Congratulations on your achievement.

    FYI, The world belongs to Satan. (2 Corinthians 4:4) At some level in a modern society dealing in business, Satan will have to be dealt with. How you deal with him and the EXTENT to which you deal with him is the key defining factor which determines so much in reality based, critical thinking mind which is totally alien to members of the Borg such as yourself. I would ask you to think about that, but its obvious you are not capable of that.

  • Admin on

    Dear Nick,

    Thank you for your comments. As per your suggestion, the new video is now live.

  • Pill Me Up Scotty on

    So you are willing to deal with SATAN in order to SELL your product and make MONEY? You have no ethics Karibpan. You will burn in the fire fir all eternity.

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