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The Latest KaribPAN Creation: F Integral 9 #1 Handpan Sculpted With New, Higher Quality Shells

Author: Rudy Kendall

   KaribPAN is happy to introduce our first public offering of our nine note handpan which is constructed on a new batch of shells we are currently experimenting with. Without going into too much detail about our shells and their specifications, all of our previous handpans that we offered for sale were sculpted from shells that were originally 1.2 mm thick before we thinned them out with sand paper in order to get better resonance and tonal quality from them. As such, it was quite difficult getting the fifths tuned into all of the notes on our previous intruments. However, a handpan can still sing nicely despite not having fifths tuned into all of the notes as long as proper tuning techniques are employed and the number of tone fields are appropriately limited according to the diameter of the shells one is working with. 

   For our previous batch of shells, which were approximately 53.5cm in diamter, we found that eight tone fields was the maximum amount we could achieve without completely compromising the overall sound of our intruments. 

   The new shells we are offering are 1.0mm thick and allow us to tune more tone fields complete with fifths into shells which are the same diameter as the shells from our previous batch. 

   Please visit our online store for ordering information.




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  • Musical Instrument Fan on

    Hey, your claim about the steel pan being the only unique instrument invented in the 20th century is very wrong:

  • pedo caca on

    Jijiji nice try :p

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