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Werner Egger, The Dim-Witted, Race Card Playing Author of the Hangblog Raises More PANart Credibility Questions

Who was the first person to make a steelpan in Switzerland?

Felix Rohner claims that he is the first, but HangBlog author Werner Egger claims that Steve Berg is ''most likely'' the first. 


It has been more than one full week since Dr. Anthony Achong published his full rebuttal of the Felix Rohner perpetuated PANart myth that the Pang ''family'' of instruments (Hang, Gubal, etc) are new and unique instruments. In fact, the only small credit that Dr. Achong gives to Felix Rohner concerning his contribution to Pan, was the introduction of the nitriding process, a process which Dr. Achong also makes perfectly clear is not new in of itself, but new to Pan. 

As a result of this thorough rebuke of Felix Rohner and PANart by Dr. Achong, we published an article on August 19, 2016 urging PANart to issue a statement and an apology as a result of them essentially being debunked and exposed as the frauds that they are. To date, we have not heard a peep out of PANart or its representatives concerning this matter, despite the fact that we have sent Felix Rohner and Michael Paschko personal messages urging them to come forward. In addition, other members of the handpan community, specifically Daniel Bernasconi also made mention of Dr. Achong's results in a forum where we have been banned, and rightly urged PANart to make a statement on the issue, to no avail. 

In spite of these calls for an apology and a statement, PANart has chosen to display yet again their lack of integrity or remorse. Since Michael Paschko has been visibly active in the handpan social media circles promoting yet another uninspired PANart abomination as of today, we are well aware that although PANart is aware of the public calls demanding a statement, they are choosing to remain ''wrong and strong'' as we say in the Caribbean. 

If Felix Rohner and the folks over at PANart think that remaining silent on this issue will make it go away, we are here to remind them that we will continue to expose them until they step up and take responsibility for their actions. The days of PANart acting with impunity and zero accountability in the industry as they have been doing for more than a decade are finished! 


From the very beginning of the KaribPAN blog launch, we sent our soldiers out into the world of social media handpan community trolls in order to promote our steelpan truth. Werner Egger was an individual who stood out as a particular troll who was very vocal while having absolutely no bite to his bark. He always struck us as a rather unintelligent fellow while spewing his racist sentiments, and at the same time, pointing the finger at KaribPAN and accusing us of racism (as if negroes as the social, financial, political bottom-dwellers we are, can actually be capable of racism).

Werner Egger is such an uneducated ignoramous that he has according to him, ''no problem'' pulling out the race card. Being the Germ-manic, neo-Nazi individual he is, with his country's recent history of genocide, rape and colonization of Namibians, Roma, Poles and others, I find these statements rather becoming of him.

He is a fool as he is under the illusion that ''racism goes both ways'' when the fact is, the only known form of racism that is known on a global scale which impacts all areas of human activity is White Supremacy. As I have stated numerous times in this blog, racism requires the backing of a global power structure, and negroes in the west are obviously a powerless group, if not the most powerless group. 

In addition, Werner Egger's ignorance leads him to believe that negroes in Trinidad and the west are ''African'' when I have previously demonstrated on numerous occasions that negroes who arrived to the west (Caribbean, North and South America) via the transatlantic slave trade are Hebrew Israelites, not ''African'' according to Biblical Prophecy. 

Zondervan’s Compact Bible Dictionary also states:

''Ham – The youngest son of Noah, born probably about 96 years before the Flood; and one of eight persons to live through the Flood. He became the progenitor of the dark races; not the Negroes, but the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and Canaanites.''


But we merely thought Werner Egger was just another social media, neo-Nazi troll with a lot of time on his hands and hate on his mind. However, Werner Egger kept on trolling us all the way to the comment sections here at It was at that point that he sparked our interest and we began to dig into the background of this rather ignorant, Germanic neo-Nazi. 

A little research led us to the official PANart Hangblog, where Werner Egger is listed as an author. It all began to make sense at this point, because only a Handpan Mafia minion such as himself would assume such a stance against our opposition and exposure of the very Handpan Mafia which pulls his strings. 


Werner Egger Raises More Credibility Questions About Himself and Felix Rohner

Felix Rohner, is his recently debunked documentary, states at the 18:50 mark that, ''I built the first steelpan in Switzerland in 1976.'' 


However, Werner Egger in an article published on September 8, 2008 entitled, ''History of the Steelpan in Switzerland'' states, 

''Steve Berg, an Englishman, was (most likely) the first person to actually build and tune a steel pan instrument in Switzerland (picture left). In 1962 after visiting the Carnival in Trinidad, Berg settled in Freiburg (Switzerland) in 1964. After a steel pan gig at the Comptoir Suisse in Lausanne in 1972, Berg began to build a few instruments guided by the book "Steel drums, how to play them and make them", by Kim Loy Wong (Peter Seeger, Oak Publ. New York, 1964).''

If Werner Egger has his dates correct, this means that he is directly refuting his boss Felix Rohner and his claim of being the ''first'' to build a Swiss-made steelpan in 1976. Given the poor track records of both of these individuals, it is difficult to ascertain who is telling the truth. What we do know for a fact given the evidence is that either Werner Egger or Felix Rohner is a liar, and this is very profound considering that they currently both represent PANart!

We strongly urge Felix Rohner, Michael Paschko or Werner Egger to make a public statement regarding this matter in order that the historical record be made clear. In light of the outstanding statement and apology PANart already owes to the public, whom they have deceived through repeated lies over the years,  PANart's public debt to the steelpan society is increasing by the day, and these issues surrounding their integrity and credibility as a reputable company will continue to grow until PANart properly addresses them. 





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