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Introducing the 21-note KaribPAN 3-Pan Cello

Our 3-Pan Cello steelpans represent the authentic culture, craftsmanship and class that this modern instrument is recognized for.
All of our instruments are 100% handcrafted from the start of the pan making process until the finish, from sinking to tuning. 
Shipped with a fresh coat of paint, our 3-Pan Cellos are tuned, and ready to be played.
Our cellos are mid-range pans with 21 notes and are typically used to play harmonies and provide support to the melodies in a steel pan orchestra.  The triple cello pan also carries a counter-melody voice and also is used to support lower portions of the harmony by strumming chordal accompaniment.
The longer skirt of the 3- Pan Cello, and the relationship between the neighboring notes of each pan gives the cello pan a deep, mysterious tonal quality.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional, when you play our 3-Pan Cello pans, you can be proud knowing that your instrument was produced entirely by a Caribbean maker with over 40 years of steelpan experience.
We also have additional members of the pan family available, as well as various other pan accessories.
Check out our store for more details:

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