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From Russia with Hate: The Swastika Steel Tongue Drum

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During the past couple of weeks, KaribPAN has launched a focused campaign with the aim of exposing the rampant satanic/nazi/pagan symbolism within the handpan industry. Our blog articles have been subsequently banned and censored from numerous online discussion groups as it seems that as always, the truth hurts and is apparently too much to bear for the Handpan Mafia.

As they and their mindless minions cannot refute our claims based on the merits, they choose to take the cowardly way out by censoring us. I may remind these cowards that at no point in time has KaribPAN ever censored any of the discussions on our site, and this is proof of our integrtiy and our conviction in standing by our words! 

As we have exposed numerous Handpan Mafia outfits as the devil worshipping nazis that they are, the truth became clear to many in the handpan community. And in a case of divine serendipity, I recently stumbled upon a blog article by entitled, ''Taking Back the Swastika - With CosmosphereDrums'':


This blog post in question was published back in April 2016, a little more than 1 month before KaribPAN launched our blog. Not surprisingly, as we have proven that it is crystal clear that there is a definite white supremacist/nazi sentiment among the various makers of bastardized steelpans i.e. handpans, hang, gubal, etc., we can now add the ''steel tongue drum/Hank drum'' to this infamous list of bastardized steelpan instruments made by nazis for nazis. 

As virtually all of the high ranking, original German Nazis of the last century were demon conjurers and Satan worshippers, it is no suprise that the neo-nazi handpan/Hang/Hank drum makers of today promote the same Nazi symbolism and demon conjuring as the nazis of the Third Reich. 

If inverted pentagrams sketched onto Saraz shells and Mark of the Beast soft bags from Pantheon Steel were not enough negative handpan vibrations for the industry, Russian based Hank/tongue drum maker CosmosphereDrums has obviously taken note that there is a demand for such nazi/pagan/satanic made instruments among the majority of European/white consumers of bastardized steelpan instruments. 

Before I touch on CosmosphereDrums and their abominable, bastardized Swastika steelpan, I would just like to touch on a few points about the blog in which I discovered this Swastika Drum,

I first came upon this blog when I was pointed to a recent article they wrote about us of all people, which is entitled, ''Is the HandPan an instrument of Satan? - KaribPAN Seems to Think So''.

While my initial impression after reading this particular article about us was that the author was unbiased and accurate for the most part, I was compelled to see what other topics the author had on offer, until I stumbled upon the Swastika Drum blog post. And when I read the Swastika Drum article, I was immeditately unsure whether the two blog articles in question were written by the same author! 

It seemed to me as though the author was defending the use of the Swastika as some sort of twisted ''Taking Back'' of the swastika, which is still a symbol that is banned in Germany, home of the nazis to this very day! 

Needless to say, the Russian maker of this instrument put a religious disclaimer in his ad by labeling it a ''Jain Swastika'', but I would like to remind the readers that the Hindu society in India is the oldest known society on earth which is based on racism/white supremacy and CASTE! In India, if you are white, you are alright, and if you are black, get back as the saying goes. 

The German nazis of the Third Reich borrowed heavily from the Hindu swastika/Hindu sun symbolism, as well as the racist oriented Hindu caste system, and subsequently created the swastika of the Third Reich, of which we are all familiar. They then based their German, nazi ideology on the same racism/white supremacy that has been present in the Hindu caste system for millenia, where essentially whites are at the top, and blacks are at the bottom. 

And in the Hindu caste system, we find more pyramid symbolism, which is not surprising to say the least due to all of the pyramid/triangle symbolism we have discovered in the handpan/hang/hank drum rabbit hole thus far!

Hindus are also pagans for all intents and purposes as they worship cows, various spirit deities, and do not subscribe to monotheistic beliefs. 

Therefore, in terms of race, class, caste, and pagan belief systems, there is no distingushing between the racism and paganism of the Hindus and the racism and paganism of the German nazis of the Third Reich. The latter was essentially based on the former for all intents and purposes. 

It is also highly unlikely given the extremely xenophobic, far-right tendencies of the Russians in general today, that the CosmosphereDrum maker subscribes to Hindu beliefs! Modern day Hindus of any caste are very likely to be victims of severe racial discrimination and violence in many places in Russia, despite the fact that Russia incurred thousands of casualties during WWII while fighting against the advance of Nazism in Europe. 

It is very likely however, given the nazi/pagan/satanic symbolism that is prevalent in the bastardized steelpan indsutry, that this particular Nazi swastika steelpan symbolism is being openly hidden under the cover of religious, hindu symbolism! 

So I would like to respectfully ask the author of the blog over at, what exactly do you mean when you said, ''And if you'd like to help in the battle to reclaim the swastika, with the aid of singing-steel...'' 

Are you promoting fascism via the steelpan on your blog with a straight face? 

Some of the examples of Swastika users whom you mentioned in your article include Rudyard Kipling, the racist British author of ''The White Man's Burden'' among other books, who claimed that it was the European's global responsibility to ''civilize'' i.e. colonize and enslave the dark "savages" of the world. 

Another example the author uses to justify the use of the swastika is the Boy Scouts, which is a masonic organization with a proven track record of ritual child sex abuse, which is a common practice in the organization. 

If these are some examples you would like to use in defense of the ''taking back'' of the swastika, try again! 

To the well read, your racist, pedophile pandering examples are terribly short sighted as far the point you wish to prove, which is namely that the swastika is nothing more than a harmless ancient symbol used by many people around the world. I obviously beg to differ.

Just for good measure, the Russian maker over at CosmosphereDrum has this sinister looking grey alien as his logo:

Please read our recent blog post entitled, "Hamsa Handpans the Talisman Teams with Pantasia Gathering, A Secret Society Sect Selling Spiritual Snake Oil" for more background regarding the connection of aliens and UFO'S to the Handpan Mafia.

Let it also be noted for the record that this swastika steelpan made in Russia with hate was sold on June 4, 2016, which is proof that there is a demand for this type of white supremacist, nazi nostalgia; more proof of exactly what KaribPAN has been saying all along!

Now I get to say with absolutely no qualms,

I told you so!















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  • Raphael on

    Now for the science lesson:
    The swastika is CHIRAL
    And a symmetrical cross is achiral
    the swastika is 12,000+ years old
    the swastika is actually incognito as the Pythagorean Theorem
    TWO concealed fyrfos [swastika] = ONE photon
    ‘let there be light’ and ‘in hoc signo vinces’
    the swastika WILL come back it is a symbol for life and light, it is eternal and immortal, WW2 is just another footnote in its history of where the west tries to bury everything they steal from the east and call it their own.

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