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Dear Handpan Mafia, Thank You For Making KaribPAN Public Enemy #1 and Keeping Our Name On The Tips of Your Tongues

Author: Rudy Kendall handpan history handpan scams

It goes without saying that the year 2016 has been a very wild ride as far as those who regularly follow online handpan discussions. Now that we are closing out the Gregorian calendar year, the online handpan roller coaster ride continues as crazy and suspenseful as ever, roaring into 2017. 

In the annals of handpan history however, 2016 will inevitably go down in the steelpan history books as the year the Handpan Mafia and the general handpan community were exposed as the sham and scam that they are. And KaribPAN has been the foremost author and documenter of the Handpan Mafia, in addition to being responsible for coining the now often used term, ''Handpan Mafia''. Additionally, we have also been the leading researcher on the culture and history of the handpan community this year, and developed a strong demand for alternative steelpan news. Before KaribPAN, there was no such thing as a ''Handpan Truth'' movement, but as recent developments prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, our arrival in the handpan industry has changed that. 

As we are fond of quoting our Caribbean elders on this blog, here is another relevant quote for the record which is stems from the Bible; ''If you dig a hole for us, make sure you dig one for yourself''.

What Winning Looks Like - Playing Chess While The Handpan Mafia Plays Checkers

In light of the recent train wreck of the so called ''Handpan Scams'' group, which we proved was set up and maintained by the handpan scammers themselves, do we get to say, ''We told you so'' again?

Whoever could not see that this group was set up by the Handpan Mafia in order to smear certain handpan makers with KaribPAN being the primary target is definitely in a state of a very deep Handpan Mafia indoctrination induced coma. We saw this smear campaign coming from a mile away and this is precisely the reason why KaribPAN plays chess in the War of Steelpan Truth while the Handpan Mafia plays checkers. 

For one, our approximately 60 well researched, scholarly articles about the handpan industry and culture are indexed by Google and other search engines. While the Handpan Mafia smears us from Facebook, none of their smear campaigns gain any traction with the search engines. 

Secondly, because of the fact that all of our articles are published with sources and contain verfiable facts, they pass muster as source material for the professional study of the handpan industry and culture on a scholarly level. For instance, if an ethnomusicologist was doing a case study on the handpan community, the articles published on present a wealth of valid information that can be used for research purposes. This research and information will live on for generations and as such, we are essentially writing handpan history. 

Handpan Mafia run discussion groups like the ''Handpan Scams'' group serve take-out scamburgers devoid of any meat as they serve pure fluff and no substance. Here is a literal case in point (no pun intended):

In drawing attention to our our ''scam'', the following portion of our ad was blatantly omitted, 

''Case ships via FREE Fedex Intl. Economy Shippng.''

If €189 for a hand crafted, custom case with free premium shipping which includes tracking and insurance is a scam, then obviously scant scamburgers are exactly what is on the menu of the ''Handpan Scams'' group. Not to mention the fact taxes are also included in the final price. 

But again, this is the Handpan Mafia playing checkers again and as checkers is their game of choice (no doubt by default due to deficient intellect) they have effectively caused another one of our instruments to go handpan viral at the moment. Our traffic at this time is more phenomenal than usual due to the linking of our latest so called ''scam'':

Please note the person claiming that this is a scam is pictured with a monkey on his head, which is highly ironic considering we mentioned in a recent article that,

''The Handpan Mafia consists of a troupe of monkeys engaged in old-fashioned monkey business, who only specialize in and perfect the 'arts' of copying, counterfeiting and con artistry as they relate to the steelpan.'' - The Hard Case Technologies ''666'' Laced Triquetra and More Subliminal Satanic Tricks in the Handpan Market

As far as we are concerned, these are just more monkey-see, monkey-do circus tricks on the part of the Handpan Mafia as we had a similar smear campaign directed against us based on the fact we had ''slime'' green handpan on offer, which was boosted through intended ridicule and eventually sold to a satisfied customer of ours in Vienna, Austria. 

Thanks again for the promotion, guys, keep playing checkers while we play chess! 

What Winning Looks Like: De-programming and Unplugging Handpan Community Members One at a Time

In our previous installation of ''What Winning Looks Like'', we featured Madhav Bhatt as the KaribPAN poster boy and a highly visible symbol of us winning the War of Steelpan Truth. Madhav, since the publishing of that article, has gone in full Handpan Matrix-unplugged mode and proven exactly why he is the perfect example of how KaribPAN has turned those who used to hate us into those who now heed us. But heeding the word of truth comes at a price.

Madhav acted as a virtual one-man wrecking crew in the Handpan Scams group over the past few days, where he left whatever remained of Michael ''Poshcow'' Paschko's tattered reputation teetering on the brink of destruction. It was a beautiful display of a newly de-programmed handpan cult member waking up to the dark reality of the Handpan matrix and fighting tooth and nail in order to set the record straight in the midst of Handpan Mafia Agents censoring his posts. 

Incidentally, Madhav was also apparently banned from the group as of today for touching too close to the heart of the Steelpan Truth. Not surprisingly, a large number of many of the comments from other users were also deleted along with a trail of evidence which directly implicated certain highly suspect parties, namely PANArt. One of the many commenters who apparently had his comments deleted was Chris Albert. 

In any event, this all too familiar case of the Handpan Mafia censoring the truth and destroying the records is by all means their modus operandi. KaribPAN is an appropriate, high-profile example of this conspiracy to cover up the steelpan truth:

It is also very telling that Kelly Hutchinson began personally holding up comments for moderation in the Handpan Instruments group shortly after our blog was given the boot from that group. In trying to censor us, he ended up acting as a censor for the entire community that posts there. But this is just another glaring case in point of the group think, consensus based, alternate reality that exists in the online handpan community. There is no active handpan discussion group on Facebook that is not strictly under the control of the Handpan Mafia or its associates/underlings. 

But one soul at a time, KaribPAN is winning the war. Eva Blanco is the latest proof of this by virtue of her recent heartfelt letter to the handpan community, which has seemingly fallen on deaf ears for the most part. However, Eva has inadvertently demonstrated that when going against the grain of the handpan community you will be either shunned (as in our case) or ignored, as in her case. 

Eva Blanco shared her post.

Hang-Handpan playing for world freedom 30.12.2016

Eva Blanco

Hang-Handpan playing for world freedom 30.12.2016

Dear Hand Pan Community,

Please take a moment to read this Message.

The year is almost over and it is hard to get along, with the power of the mind and spirituality, seeing all these acts of cruelty on our planet Earth.

Besides many beautiful things here on earth, theres worldwide war, agony, injustice and poverty. Heartbreaking pictures of Children and Adults, that can not be described, wanders around the world.

Many wrong informations, censored articles and posts on social-media, the lying corporate Media, lack of interest, egoism, or Self-realization prevent us from being clear in the mind, and to live in peace and harmony together.

Besides i be on mind with this topics for years now, it is a jungle , which is difficult to see trough.

It also isnt enough for me anymore, to know why the things are as they are. Which country, which corrupt crook, wich reasons lead us this way, so that we, after thousands of years, still kill each other and exploit Humankind, Nature, Animals as well.

I would like to appeal to you, to take a moment, before the year gets to an end. Use your Hang and Handpans for World-Peace.

Be it at home, alone or together with other musicians. Please sit down for a moment, with open hearts/love and play with the intention of universal peace in mind.

This time we dont do it, to show how we can play on our Handpans, or for likes. The intention should be to to send something positive and love in the Matrix, with this magnificent Instrument.

You dont own a Hang or Handpan? Offcourse you're warmly invited to play any other Instrument, or just light a candle or be in toughts with us. Creativity is welcome.!!!

I would like to thank all the wonderfull people, from the bottom of my heart which accompanied, touched, challenged and supported me. Thanks for all the love you gave to me.

We cannot do this alone, we need each other, we are one.

Wise is who can learn from other people, strong is someone whos capable to overcome his own self.

Be the change that you want to See in the world.

In this sense i wish you a nice and conscious transition and start in the new year 2017.

You can do it anonymously ore you can post your world freedom music contribution.

I invite you to send this post to your friends all over the world.

With gratitude
Love and peace for 2017 and the future.


Thank you, Eva. Your sincere words were not lost on us at KaribPAN and we wholeheartedly agree with you that for once the handpan should be used for good instead of for greed. We especially agree with you concerning the existence of the Matrix as it relates to the handpan community, as well as your stance against human exploitation, which is essentially a principal upon which the handpan community was established and uses to survive, specifically in the case of exploitation of human intellectual property as it relates to the steelpan.

Before we move onto to the actual human exploitation aspect which Eva so eloquently mentioned, we would like to highlight another example of the heightened awareness and consciousness of Eva Blanco as it relates to her calling a satanic spade a satanic spade when she sees one. The following is a screen shot of the wall of Martin Zoepfl, who we exposed along with Kelly Hutchinson as being ''Handpan Industry Scrap Miners Who Live For The Crumbs That Fall From the Handpan Mafia's Table'':

Eva Blanco's response to this blatant Germanic satanic ritual of Krampus is:

''Eva Blanco if im honest it looks a bit like satanistic rituals and scares me
Eva leads us to believe more and more that she reads our blog! Although Martin Zoepfl tries to explain this satanic ritual away as some sort of Austrian tradition, which ''drives the evil spirits away'', in the handpan world of double speak and forked tongues, nothing Martin Zoepfl says has any credibility as we have proven. Here is an article from the Sun describing the reality behind the demonic Germanic ritual of Perchten:


The Burden of Being the Black Bogeymen Who Bear Truth in the Handpan Matrix

As perpetual ''black'' Bogeýmen of western society (Europe and America), we are no strangers to being outcasts in a Eurocentric society such as the handpan community. Thus, our current status as the black Bogeymen of the handpan community comes as no surprise to us especially since we purposefully named ourselves KaribPAN in order to emphasize the fact that we are part of the indigenous Caribbean culture that the handpan was born out of. The handpan is rightfully ours as a distinct part of our cultural heritage and legacy and we view ourselves as Caribbean cultural crusaders more than steelpan makers. We knew full well what kind of white supremacist society we were entering when we entered the handpan market. One of the main steelpan truths that this white supremacist handpan society seeks to hide at all costs is the ugly history behind the handpan and its creators.

Having attracted many thousands of visitors to our website since launching it in May of this year, KaribPAN is unbdoubtedly at the cutting edge of the handpan news/blogging niche in terms of traffic and content. We have reached the entire online handpan community and in the process have substantially changed the tone and temper of the discussions that take place. Where once an entire community of handpan enthusiasts was plugged into the Handpan Matrix, one article at a time, we have unplugged one soul at a time, slowly but surely. 

The Handpan industry is a very Machiavellian, cut-throat environment, despite presenting itself as peaceful, open and loving (for marketing purposes no doubt). However, the extent to which KaribPAN has been put through the proverbial ring of fire for simply stating the truth as it relates to the history of the handpan is proof that the handpan community is one that operates in a consensus based reality which is controlled and moderated by the Handpan Thought Police (which is merely another arm of the Handpan Mafia).

KaribPAN has had every allegation thrown at us, including the ''kitchen sink'' of an allegation that we are a ''scammer'' of some sort. More often than the recent unfounded ''scam'' allegations however, the patently false allegation that we receive most often is the allegation that we are somehow ''racist''. For the record, KaribPAN consists of mainly three partners, all of whom are Caribbean negroes. Negroes such as us by definition cannot be racist because we are powerless as a group and as individuals in the overall scheme of power. 

White supremacy is the only known form of racism that exists. As we discussed recently in our article, The Relationship Between Handpans, Hinduism and the White Supremacist Steelpan Hegemony, we proved that white supremacy is central to Hindu caste system/power structure.  Essentially, in order to be racist, one requires a power structure in which to exercise one's racism. Caribbean negroes, who are still modern day debt slaves to the IMF and World Bank are the most far removed people from the seat of power on the whole.

Obviously, the fact that our content has been censored and banned in virtually every relevant online handpan discussion group is a testament to just how far removed from the seat of power we are. Numerous attempts have been made by the white supremacist oriented Handpan Mafia to relegate KaribPAN to the status of handpan serfs in a musical, cultural landscape that was created as a result of our struggle as a people. The hard truth that the handpan community wants to ignore is that the handpan is rooted in the following history:

Deuteronomy 28

49 The Lord shall bring a nation against thee from far, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flieth; a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand;

50 A nation of fierce countenance, which shall not regard the person of the old, nor shew favour to the young:

Deuteronomy 28

41 Thou shalt beget sons and daughters, but thou shalt not enjoy them; for they shall go into captivity.

68 And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.

Deuteronomy 28

26 And thy carcase shall be meat unto all fowls of the air, and unto the beasts of the earth, and no man shall fray them away.

It is no accident that Morpheus (played by Larry Fishburne in the Matrix Trilogy), who was responsible for unplugging Neo and countless other souls from the Matrix is a negro male.

On that note however, we would like to close on the same note that we opened on this evening;

Proverbs 26:27

''Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.''


 Small Axe - The Wailers


Why boasteth thyself
Oh, evil men
Playing smart
And not being clever? Oh no
I said, you're working iniquity
To achieve vanity, yeah (if a-so a-so)
But the goodness of Jah, Jah
I-dureth forever

If you are the big tree
We are the small axe
Sharpened to cut you down (well sharp)
Ready to cut you down

These are the words
Of my master, keep on tellin' me
No weak heart
Shall prosper, oh no they can't!
And whosoever diggeth a pit, Lord
Shall fall in it, shall fall in it
Whosoever diggeth a pit
Shall bury in it, shall bury in it

If you are the big tree
We are the small axe
Sharpened to cut you down
Ready to cut you down

And whosoever diggeth a pit
Shall fall in it, fall in it
And whosoever diggeth a pit
Shall bury in it, shall bury in it

If you are the big, big tree
We have a small axe
Ready to cut you down (well sharp)
Sharpened to cut you down
If you are the big tree, let me tell you this
We are the small axe
Ready to cut you down (well sharp)
Sharpened to cut you down

If you are the big tree
We are the small axe









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  • Madhav Bhatt on


    [Verse 1]
    Welcome to a place where
    If you don’t think fast and get off your ass you might stay there
    There’s a lot of love and a lot of hate there
    Wait there, got a pretty girl saying “Hey there!”
    Take care when you’re out there spilling it
    Keep your cool, don’t act like an idiot
    And even if someone did wanna test you
    I can get a specimen and stick ‘em in a test tube
    Bless you, don’t know what you’re dealing with
    Got people I ain’t even met yet feeling it
    Yep yep, billin’ it, yep yep, illin’ it
    Next step kid you wouldn’t expect killin’ it
    MC’s think they’re big when they’re alright
    All hype, in their gay lyrical sword fight
    All hang, I’mma stick to my guns
    Do it for the love but I’m in it for the funds
    Funs, (?) manamanna giving you the runs
    Runs, big bad lyrical shuns, buns
    Any MC that he come across
    Couldn’t even look him in the eye when you done a loss
    Run ‘em off like get ’em off quick
    Done, one, ton, brick, sick, spit it ’til something stick
    And if you don’t like it?

    A lot of MC’s they (SUCK)
    Don’t write bars just (SUCK)
    I can’t understand you (SUCK)
    What can I say you (SUCK)
    Yep, you and your bredren (SUCK)
    That’s what I’ve heard, you (SUCK)
    All day long man (SUCK)
    Do me a favour
    Shut up!

    [Verse 2]
    Man’s just catching a giggle
    Anybody wanna play piggy in the middle?
    Model, look much better with a goggle
    Boggle, making it look like a doddle
    What? Smackdown wanted from the drop
    Got it from the underground took it to the top
    Bop to the rhymth cause the rhythm don’t stop
    Watch your fingers on the plate, its hot
    Ain’t nothing you can ever do to make this stop
    Or make it quit, it’s gonna hurt
    Starts a rumour, sooner or later
    Chinese whisper twist and a burn
    That’s how we kill this, steal this
    Seal this, deal this, signed it with diamond tipped drillbits
    And it still feels nice, twice
    Been shy when will you learn you suck?

    A lot of MC’s they (SUCK)
    Don’t write bars just (SUCK)
    I can’t understand you (SUCK)
    What can I say you (SUCK)
    Yep you and your bredren (SUCK)
    Everything I’ve heard just (SUCK)
    All day long fuck (SUCK)
    Do me a favour
    Shut up!

    [Verse 3]
    Yeah this is where it gets worse
    Killing motherfuckers out the catholic church
    Burst in the door please someone call the nurse he’s cursed
    Tell him where you heard this verse
    How many megahertz in a verse til it hurts?
    Slurps on a beer then he burps
    I’ll use anything that works
    Then we get paid that’s part of the purps
    And that’s part of the plan, damn boy that’s just who I am
    Bang, these MC’s can’t hang
    And man can’t handle the slang
    Shame, think I forgot your name
    Lame, guess you ain’t got no game
    Ram, my crew all up in the jam
    LDZ, better get it in your head you suck!

    A lot of MC’s they (SUCK)
    Don’t write bars just (SUCK)
    I can’t understand you (SUCK)
    What can I say you (SUCK)
    Yep you and your bredren (SUCK)
    Everything I’ve heard just (SUCK)
    All day long man (SUCK)
    Do me a favour
    Shut up!

  • blahblah on

    Holiday riddle #1
    Which website is this quote taken from:
    “…The handpan is a relatively new instrument, having been developed only at the turn of the century…”

    Sounds like someone believes the handpan is a new instrument…?

  • Madhav Music on

    “Fight the Power” – Public Enemy

    Yet our best trained, best educated, best equipped, best prepared troops refuse to fight. As a matter of fact, it’s safe to say that they would rather switch than fight

    [Alt. Intro]
    W-E-L-O-V-E 108 FM

    [Verse 1]
    1989 the number another summer (get down)
    Sound of the funky drummer
    Music hitting your heart cause I know you got soul
    (Brothers and sisters, hey)
    Listen if you’re missing y’all
    Swinging while I’m singing
    Giving whatcha getting
    Knowing what I know
    While the Black bands sweating
    And the rhythm rhymes rolling
    Got to give us what we want
    Gotta give us what we need
    Our freedom of speech is freedom or death
    We got to fight the powers that be
    Lemme hear you say
    Fight the power

    Fight the power
    We’ve got to fight the powers that be

    [Verse 2]
    As the rhythm designed to bounce
    What counts is that the rhymes
    Designed to fill your mind
    Now that you’ve realized the pride’s arrived
    We got to pump the stuff to make us tough
    From the heart
    It’s a start, a work of art
    To revolutionize make a change nothing’s strange
    People, people we are the same
    No we’re not the same
    Cause we don’t know the game
    What we need is awareness, we can’t get careless
    You say what is this?
    My beloved lets get down to business
    Mental self defensive fitness
    (Yo) bum rush the show
    You gotta go for what you know
    Make everybody see, in order to fight the powers that be
    Lemme hear you say
    Fight the power


    [Verse 3]
    Elvis was a hero to most
    But he never meant shit to me you see
    Straight up racist that sucker was
    Simple and plain
    Mother fuck him and John Wayne
    Cause I’m Black and I’m proud
    I’m ready and hyped plus I’m amped
    Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps
    Sample a look back you look and find
    Nothing but rednecks for 400 years if you check
    Don’t worry be happy
    Was a number one jam
    Damn if I say it you can slap me right here
    (Get it) lets get this party started right
    Right on, c’mon
    What we got to say
    Power to the people no delay
    To make everybody see
    In order to fight the powers that be


  • Admin on

    Congratulations, MICHAEL POSHCOW!

    You have just officially won the KaribPAN 2016 Troll of the Year Award. Seriously, Mikey, do you have a job that pays you money? You have seemingly wasted the past 10 years of your life trolling online on behalf of PANARt and you have nothing to show but a tattered reputation. What a waste you are.

    P.s. Rudy Kendall said to meet him on WST, unless you are just being a scared COWard of course, then he understands if you can’t make it. HAHAHA.

    How many aliases do you have that you actively troll under, Pill Me Up Scotty, ahem Michael Poshcow? Pill me up Scotty was a dead giveaway considering you are the only self admitted, open Trekkie in the Handpan community. HAHAHA

    I feel so sorry for you man. You are one lonely dude.

  • Crack Pipe Rudy on

    Puff puff puff.
    Got your Phd at McDonalds, ey?
    Only use for your blogs is research material for psychologists and psychiatrists

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