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The Advantages of Buying a Handpan From Traditional Steelpan Makers vs. A One-Dimensional Handpan Maker

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The handpan is essentially a steelpan that is played manually, without mallets. In addition, convex steelpans, a category of steelpan instruments to which the handpan truly belongs, were invented and experimented with in Trinidad & Tobago and surrounding islands long before the recent explosion of the so called ''handpan''. The very first original steelpans were convex in shape, and only later circa 1948 were they altered on a wide scale to the now standard concave shape that we all know.  With that being said, the vast majority of handpan makers exclusively manufacture handpans, and have little to none of the...

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Welcome to the official website of KaribPan. We manufacture and deliver authentic, high quality steelpan products of every variety and have satisfied customers world wide. Please contact us with any questions you may have, or any other information you may require. We are here to serve you with Caribbean ingenuity and hospitality.

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