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The Often Overlooked Traditional Steelpan Backgrounds of the Handpan Mafia

There seems to be an overwhelming consensus among the handpan community at large that traditional Steelpan makers/tuners are off-the-mark regarding handpans, as far as lacking competent handpan making/tuning skills. This apparent consensus is glaring evidence that shows the vast, misinformed bias that the subscribers to this view utilize in order to attempt to discredit traditional Steelpan makers on the whole. Notwithstanding the fact that the most prominent members of the Handpan Mafia come from a background of manufacturing/tuning traditional steelpans, overwhelmingly this fact appears to be either lost or ignored among the many who hold the fallacious view that traditional...

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Handpan "Producers" Who Sell Women's Clothing Full-Time and Handpans on the Side

The handpan business has become flooded with an array of characters with get rich quick schemes on their minds and dollar signs in their eyes. A huge bane of my existence are the self-styled  handpan "producers" who not only cannot tune the instruments they "produce", but also sell totally unrelated products i.e. Women's clothing as a main business.  A specific handpan "producer" comes to mind in fact, and if you have been on eBay following the handpan market regularly for any length of time, you will know which "producer" I am speaking of.  Let's be honest, would you trust a...

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New Demo Videos For Our F# and Low E (Ellie Manette Style) Double Seconds Now Live!!

We are pleased to announce that we have now added demo videos for the two sets of double seconds we have available in our store; The F# Double Seconds with a standard note pattern, and the Low E double seconds with the Ellie Mannette  designed note pattern.  All interested parties are encouraged to take the time to see and hear for themselves the high level of quality craftmanship that goes into making our Steelpans, as well as the master tuning techniques that are applied to our instruments in order to make them SING.  Please visit our online shop for more...

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The Lack Of Discipline Among One-Dimensional Handpan ''Tuners''

Steelpan tuning (and handpan tuning by default), is literally a discipline that takes years of hands on study and training in order for one to acheive competency in the field. The operative word in the previous sentence is DISCIPLINE, as formal, disciplined study is required before one can reasonably expect to be able to become a legitimate Pan tuner.    As far as the Handpan is concerned, gone are the days when makers/tuners studied for years on end under a master steelpan tuner as an apprentice, if these days ever existed among most handpan makers, especially the one-dimensional ones.  ...

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KaribPAN Summer Savings Special: D Integral Handpan (A440 Hz) + 1 Free Tuning -600€ w/ FREE Fedex Intl. Economy Shipping)

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Brand New and Finely Tuned KaribPAN  ''D Integral''  Handpan.    Notes:    D A Bb C D E F A    Our KaribPAN Handpan product lines are tuned by our tuner who has over 40 years of Pan tuning experience. With such an extentive backround in Pan tuning, we use the traditional tuning methods that provide proven results which truly make our Pans SING! (THIS ITEM IS IRREGULAR, HENCE THE PRICE BUT IT IS STILL A GREAT VALUE!!! - The top shell had a small hole in one of the dimples which was welded and featured prominently in the photo...

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