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Introducing the Second 'D' Minor Handpan of the KaribPAN Celtic Minor Series


KaribPAN is happy to introduce the second 'D' minor handpan of our Celtic Minor Series:

Brand new, finely tuned KaribPAN handpan in D Minor. This instrument is our second sound sculpture installation as part of our Celtic Minor Series.

Free FedEX International Economy Shipping and 1 FREE TUNING is included with this offer. 

For more information and ordering details, please visit our online store.


D, E, F G, A, Bb, C, D



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  • JOhn on

    Sooooo, I thought you guys have been preaching against handpans due to the connection of satanism and white supremacy!?! Now you make them? This is the most hypocritical website I have ever seen

  • Nick on

    Again i would like to ask for a proper video where every note get hit “once” and let it sing all the way with the sustain so we can hear them sing to their fullest. He just keep muting the sustain by tapping the notes which is not very representative of what you can expect because now i even believe the highest note is a dead note with no sustain… Please upload a proper video.

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