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The Relationship Between Handpans, Hinduism and the White Supremacist Steelpan Hegemony

Author: Rudy Kendall

Given the multiple articles that KaribPAN has published this year concerning the neo-colonization of the steelpan instrument vis-a-vis the Hang/handpan, it is clear that white supremacy is the underlying ideology of the Handpan Mafia and the overwhelming majority of the members of the wider online ''handpan community''. If subliminal Nazi swastika logos courtesy of a German by the name of Jeremy ''Germy'' Arndt, and KKK Party Veterans logos by Mana Steel (from Israel of all places) were not enough to convince our readers of our initial premise that the ''handpan community'' is by and large a white supremacist cult, then those unconvinced readers are suffering from serious cases of denial. 

The Relationship Between the Handpan and Hinduism Began With the Hang

One does not have to look very far around the handpan community in order to see the omnipresent influence of eastern New Age philosphy on the handpan culture. In past articles we have touched on the topic of Hinduism specifically as it relates to the handpan, and why Hinduism as a belief system is perfectly suited to white supremacy, as the Hindu caste system is wholeheartedly based on white supremacy for all intents and purposes. In fact, we have stated for the record in our blog that, 

''The German nazis of the Third Reich borrowed heavily from the Hindu swastika/Hindu sun symbolism, as well as the racist oriented Hindu caste system, and subsequently created the swastika of the Third Reich, of which we are all familiar. They then based their German, nazi ideology on the same racism/white supremacy that has been present in the Hindu caste system for millenia, where essentially whites are at the top, and blacks are at the bottom.''

However, this pervasive influence of Hinduism on the handpan culture did not occur by accident. In fact, the bold-faced lie that a Hindu instrument called the Ghatam was used as inspiration and a model for a ''Pan/Ghatam'' hybrid instrument now popularly known as the Hang was propagated by PANArt

Bear in mind, that this is just more Nazi propaganda from Felix ''Runner'' Rohner who is well aware that the Hang/handpan in its present form was invented in Trinidad according to none other than Dr. Anthony Achong, who stated in his recent article, ''Dr. Achong Comments on the Pan-Hang Argument'',

''Pan players in Trinidad, in the early days, first played Pans with their bare hands or wrapped their hands with cloth. I have seen it in the early days, as a boy, so I bare record! I can vividly call to mind an event of some 65 years ago, of a man carrying what today could be classified as a “Bass Pan” but in those days were called “Doo Doops” (for its sound), while “beating” the instrument with his left hand which was wrapped in white cloth. My memory on this is so clear that if that player were alive today, I would recognize him for he stared directly at me! I thank him for that experience which has helped to shape my fondness for the Pan! In Pan Practice, covering the hand with cloth is regarded as “bare hand.” In connection with these “early days” Rudy Kendall is right when he speaks about the early Pans being convex (upward) like the Hang. While all early Pans were not played with the bare hand, it is neither convenient nor expedient to play the concave (downward) Pan, as found today, with the bare hands. Bare hand playing restricts the musical range of the instrument to the lower registers.''

However, despite these damning words of Dr. Achong as they relate to the PANArt stolen legacy, Felix ''Runner'' Rohner has a proven history of demonstrating classic narcissistic personality disorder symtoms and delusions of grandeur in his deliberate propagation of steelpan lies which ultimately only serve to benefit him as the founder of the Cult of the Hang, and chief orchestrator of the Mother of All Pan Scams.

From the Pan to the Ghatam to the Hang to the Handpan to the Pantam? All of These names for Pan Smell Like a Scam

According to Felix ''Runner'' Rohner of PANArt, we are meant to believe that the Hang is based on the idea of blending the Pan and the Ghatam into a ''new hybrid'' instrument. Interestingly enough, the word ''Ghatam'' in Sanskrit means ''pot'', and naturally, pots and Pans go hand in hand in the plagiarized world of PANArt, who is killing two birds (Pan and Hinduism) with one big culturally misappropriating proverbial stone. 

But given the facts we have proven through our blog, there should be no doubt as to the reason why the handpan community (of which the majority are European descended elitists dressed down as hippies and pagans) flock to Hinduism, which is also inherently elitist and pagan. 

Here is a Hindu transvestite with a ghatam on his head who is obviously possessed with a demonic spirit:


These demonically possessed Hindus with their ghatams on their heads obviously have a lot in common with the handpan community.

Mark Garner From Saraz Handpans:

Pam Gogh Marinelli - Satanic, Convert Hindu Handpan Artiste and Associate of Alessio ''No Finessio'' Massi of HCT Pictured Sporting a Bindi as if she is Hindi:


Two Cases in Point Regarding the Handpan Cult Lunacy That Has Resulted from PANArt Lies: Albino Sala - (A Broke, Banal, Amplified Handpan Busking Bastard) and Madhav Bhatt- (A Hindu Brahmin British Bloke Who Got Scammed by the Germans and Actually Believes the Pan is Blended with the Ghatam in the Form of a Handpan)

1. Albino Sala -

This self-admitted handpan troll has been trolling KaribPAN since our article on the Handpan Mafia, which was published and trolled by him before we ever knew who he was:

Apparently, Sala the Albino still has not had his fill of trolling KaribPAN, as he is hell bent on perpetuating his lies that we are related to a scam, although he presents no factual evidence to support his lies. It is clear he has been desperately seeking our attention. 


But only a degenerate bastard named Albino busks with amplified handpans (the corniest buskers are usually amplified), and wears a ''bastard'' label jacket, while spreading the PANArt myth that the handpan was created in Switzerland in the year 2000. 

If you look closely, Albino is obviously wearing a name tag which would lead one to believe that he is in fact a bastard, which is totally believable given the circumstances. Albino, hopefully for your sake, you know who your father is, but knowing the spiteful things that you do, you are the type of despicable degenerate that not even your own bíological father could love. This, in addition to your PTSD which likely resulted from your high probability of getting teased throughout your life because you are named after a genetically recessive, mutated organism (often inbred), compels you to seek attention from masculine, mature individuals such as the partners at KaribPAN. 

Albino, bastard though you may be, all of us partners at KaribPAN each have mulitple children and we are not interested in being your father. You, as a bearer of false witness and perpetuator of lies against us, are only worthy of the KaribPAN sword.

Just doing a quick reference check on Sala the Albino's ''handpan career'', we could only find three lonely videos on Youtube featuring him, and in total, he had less than 1000 paltry views on all of his three videos put together. While watching the video that he is featured in above where he is spreading PANArt propaganda Michael ''Poshcow'' Paschko style, in the entire time he was filmed, not one person dropped any money in his HCT case, and he had none of the attention of any of the many passersby that were visible. Maybe this was a bad busking day for Sala the Albino, but it is pretty safe to say that it definitely does not look like he makes a living out of the handpan by any stretch of the imagination. 

Albino, are you one of those infamous Italian ''mammoni'' mama's boys who still lives with your mother as the man child that you are? 

''Mammoni, Mamma’s boy, is a term applied to single Italian men who are still living at home with their mothers. This is actually a common way of life in Italy, and more than half of the young men still live at home in Italy. In the 18-34 age group almost 60 percent of all single people, men and women are living at home in Italy. And many of these men are in their 40’s and 50’s!''




2. Madhav Bhatt -

We wrote about Madhav two articles ago and mentioned him as the alleged subject of an alleged handpan scam which was allegedly ''masterminded'' by a couple of dim-witted Germans. We find it very ironic that Madhav, was allegedly scammed by the very same people who we warned him and other readers about from day one. But in his case, apparently he began waking up and smelling the steelpan coffee a little too late, and he protected the very same Germans who allegedly scammed him when KaribPAN was slicing through them with our spiritual sword; a sword which consists of words and texts. The pen is mightier than the sword as they say. 

Not only is it ironic that Madhav was allegedly scammed by the same Germans who we warned him about, but it is highly ironic that Madhav was allegedly scammed by Werner ''Schwarzer Negger'' Egger, an apprentice of PANArt, which is the company responsible for culturally misappropriating Hindu culture (Ghatam) in tandem with the Caribbean steelpan. 

Madhav Bhatt is living proof of the fact that Hindus worship Europeans, which is why Europeans are so comfortable in Hindu culture, as according to the Hindu caste system, Europeans (so called whites) have built in status as the premier Hindu caste (Brahmin). 

Europeans, so comfortable with their white privilege in the west find a natural home in Hinduism where they are revered as gods. Incidentally, Bhatt is a Brahmin name, but to Brahmins like Madhav, there are no qualms when it comes to allegedly forking over their hard earned money to German handpan scam artists who culturally misappropriate Hinduism and sell it back to the Hindus themselves. 

As much as the handpan community celebrates Hinduism and Hindu culture, it raises suspicion to say the least that Madhav Bhatt is the only visible Hindu who is active and visible in the online handpan community discussion groups. Similarly to how Mark Wilson of Panstream and KaribPAN are the only visible handpan makers of Caribbean origin in the white supremacist handpan market. 

Sadly for Madhav however, his lifetime of ingrained Hindu caste sytem indoctrination/white supremacy has not stopped him from perpetuating the PANArt myth that the Hang is a hybrid between a Pan and a Ghatam. Perhaps he perpetuates this myth out of his own self-interest and a perceived ''right'' to subsequently claim that the handpan is a stolen part of his culture (Hinduism) via the Ghatam. 

In any case, Madhav has been quite eager to have the ear of Felix ''Runner'' Rohner regarding his sentiments, and as we are aware that Felix is a regular reader of our blog, we are going to re-publish Madhav's open letter to Felix which was posted on our site yesterday in order that he may have Felix's attention. But more importantly we are re-publishing these comments in order to provide a clear illustration to our readers of a clear example of the trans-continental train wrecks that can develop when cultural appropriation based on lies are perpetuated by unscrupulous Pan scam artists:

Madhav Bhatt on

Dear Felix,

As an educated, well-travelled individual who has connection with his roots intact, I find your reference to the ‘Integrated Migrant Community’ by Servol Life Centre highly offensive. It is ultimately a flow chart for the systematic handling of slaves from cradle to grave…

You should realize the hypocrisy and controversy within your own words: “I told to people many times in tuner life that the slaves lost a cultural treasure and in Trinidad they found recognition, respect and identity in the art form pan.”

It seems that you have used the national instrument of Trinidad for personal profit, which was whether we like it or not born of slavery and oppression. Taken old outdated ideas from certain TASPO members and repackaged them for the 21st century with modern materials, machines and processes.

The hang/handpan/pantam/soundsculpture is not yours, it is ours! You merely played a small role in its development and evolution (as part of a wider family of instruments) and seek credit and recognition in excess of your contribution. The fact that you have been hassling other makers for ‘copying’ your work is laughable at best and disingenuous at worst.

It is fairly obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense, that you have taken what is essentially an inside out steelpan and stuck a ghatam on the bottom. Even the name Panart is not original!

Please get off your high horse for the sake of your own historical legacy. Perhaps the name “Latchmere Youth” is familiar to you? I have been paying attention to your organization since the beginning and know your propaganda well.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for refusing to sell me one of your instruments. It set me on a path that has been far more rewarding than that possible by following what I can only refer to as a ‘fake guru’…

Kind regards,


The sad, white supremacist state of the steelpan industry is a shining example of Pan as metaphor for the overall Earth Crisis.


 Author: Rudy Kendall
















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  • Madhav on


    Trying To Communicate A Very Complex #Ovalsound Matter via #Facebook using the hashtag #M0FFENDED ☎️

    Scrolling does not work!

  • Melissa on

    Hmm. This is the second article I have read, and I will read some more.
    I find all of this information troublesome. I live in the US, but my mother’s family are all Trini, and play in carnival. Handpan appeals to me more because I want to use my hands. I have noticed that handpans seem to be white guys with dreadlocks. It’s going to make my shopping choices more difficult.

    In regards to where Nazis got the swastika from, you’re incorrect. It was taken from Norse symbolism, for the sun, which Hitler flipped to turn the other direction, to show her could change direction. White supremacists want to think they are pure white like Nordic people, while Nordic people want nothing to do with them.

  • Madhav Bhatt on

    ‘Is it because I am black?’ – No, it’s because you’re an idiot!

  • Madhav Bhatt on

    The spiritual leaders. Also the baddest mutherfuckin badasses.
    Fuck wit us and get re-incarnated as a genital wart.

    Shit, that guys a badass brahmin bhatt!
    he’s like best friends with god!" –

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