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The Handpan as an Instrument of Steelpan Neo-Colonization in the Words of Pantheon Steel, PANArt and Steve Shehan

In 2016 there is no doubt that the handpan is an instrument, both literally and figuratively, which is increasingly being used by Europeans and those of European descent worldwide to establish an Apartheid, neo-colonial government of sorts in the world of the steelpan. There is no doubt that this Apartheid handpan landscape exists, as there are currently at least 200 known handpan makers present in the market and aside from KaribPAN, Mark Wilson of Panstream is the only other Caribbean, negro maker on the market. This is a stark fact considering that the handpan in its entirety (minus the nitriding process) has Trinidadian origins, while Caribbean makers comprise a mere 2% or less of total handpan makers.


Pantheon Steel & PANArt, Neo-Colonization in Their Own Words

According to leading Handpan Mafia factions like PANArt and Pantheon Steel, who established and maintain the current Apartheid handpan government, the handpan represents ''evolution'', according to evolution as defined by the incestuous degenerate and white supremacist eugenecist, Charles Darwin. Darwin, despite marrying and having 10 children with his first cousin Emma Wedgwood, is lauded by Aaron Ximm of Pantheon Steel who stated on,

''It is thus now for others, including many whose names we do not yet know, to colonize the other viable valuable variable niches in the broader ecosystem of melodic percussion.

There is nothing wrong with a diplodocus. Of course! Not a thing.

But the mammals emerged, anyway.

I love my Hang.

But oh I love plurality -- and evolution -- even more.''


Considering the fact the is currently a virtually extinct dinosaur of a website in the handpan world, the above quote from Aaron Ximm of Pantheon Steel takes on an entirely new meaning in retrospect! Needless to say that became extinct due to their tendency to censor and control handpan discussions with a fascist, iron grip. Not to mention the fact that their overt promotion of the Handpan Mafia to the detriment of all other new makers was embarrassingly obvious. To this day KaribPAN articles are banned on that site, and any topics referencing us will be promptly deleted such as the following article we recently published:

''Pantheon Steel Nitrided Shells are a Handpan Mafia Racket - BUYER BEWARE!!''

May the crew over at R.I.P. (Rest in Persecution) because they promote the Mark of the Beast (666) and we proved it in another article which they also removed from their site when one of their members made reference to it. 

If you cannot see the 666 in the above logo, look more closely at the ''d'', the ''p'' and the ''g''. 

Let be an example to all of the other High Falutin Flunkies of the Satanic Handpan Agenda who will share the same fate of extinction in due time. 



Felix Rohner of PANArt is also an unabashed, unapologetic proponent of the Apartheid, neo-colonial handpan regime in the world of steelpan. In the words of Felix Rohner, who stated in an article entitled  ''PANart Transforms the Steel Drums To a Higher Level'',

"We developed a technology with higher rigidity, better geometry and better control of the sound for European ears. We've worked hard for 25 years and now we've translated the steel drum into our culture. The Hang is a wonderful global instrument but it's Swiss and the Swiss will play it the best, I'm sure,"

If by saying ''the Swiss will play it the best, I'm sure'' Felix Rohner meant Swiss performances such as this performance at the 40:00 minute mark of the PANArt hang documentary, 


the only thing I can say is, that performance which consisted of awful yodeling accompanied hang playing made me feel like this:

It is very interesting to note that the dreadful sounding Swiss yodeling hang player in question also refers to the hang as a ''new world of music'' ala the new world of Christopher Columbus, or ''Christopher Come-bust-us'', as we Caribbean folks are fond of saying. However, the following meme summarizes the Columbus oriented, new world order mentality of the Apartheid handpan government:



As we have proven numerous times on, Felix Rohner a pathological liar who cannot tell the truth if his life depended on it. In our bombshell articles entitled ''The PANArt Hang Documentary: A Propaganda-Filled Dissemination of Lies (Part 1)'' and ''The PANArt Hang Documentary: A Propaganda-Filled Dissemination of Lies (Part 2)'', we took PANArt apart piece by piece and exposed Felix Rohner as the pathological liar he is. Subsequently, Felix Rohner begged Dr. Anthony Achong to use his authority in the steelpan world to refute our articles based on the merits, and Dr. Achong responded with a crushing blow to PANArt and their stolen legacy when he further affirmed what KaribPAN has been saying all along. 

And we are still waiting on confirmation from Felix Rohner on whether he was in fact the ''first person to build a steelpan in Switzerland'' as he as claimed on numerous occasions, or whether Steve Berg was the first, as Werner Egger claims.

Felix, drop us a line. You used to write us such passionate, misguided, unsolicited emails in defense of your legacy and now we don't hear from you anymore!


Handpan Apartheid According to Steve Shehan

Steve Shehan is someone whom we were completey unfamiliar with prior to watching the PANArt documentary recently, but in that propaganda-filled piece, he is described by the highly misinformed narrator as being ''at the vanguard of hang pioneers''. Obviously according to the narrator, the original hang pioneers who invented the hang in Trinidad are not pioneers, but Steve Shehan is. 

According to Steve Shehan himself, in a recent article he stated, 

''We have to be more honest, it's a new instrument, there's an open and wide road in front of us to search and develop. We have to invent the history of this instrument. There are a few people working on that: Vladiswar Nadishana, David Hykes, Manu Delago... They're trying to bring it to somewhere else."

First and foremost, if Steve Shehan believes that he is being ''honest'' by claiming that the handpan is a ''new instrument'', he is just giving us more evidence that Europeans like him who capitalize off of the instrument have a vested interest in spreading lies about it which ultimately benefit him and other steelpan pirates like him. 

Steve Shehan has also gone further than claiming the handpan is ''a new instrument'' when he claimed in the PANArt documentary that the handpan is essentially ''unique'' as well. 

Proof of the fact that Steve Shehan knows he is spreading bold-faced lies with the slick charm of the devil in the flesh is in the fact that he apparently owns a steelpan and definitely knows better! 

In the above photo, the striking irony of the steelpan catching dust off in the background and in the corner, while also being substantially obscured by a gong is such a powerful metaphor for the Apartheid State of Handpan Mafia Inc., which Steve Shehan, Pantheon Steel and PANArt represent at the highest levels. 

It is apparent that Steve Shehan, Pantheon Steel, PANArt and others will continue to ''invent the history'' of the hang as it suits them. and the ''open and wide road in front of us to search and develop'' which he speaks of is a road that has been extensively traveled already in Trinidad. The general agreement among the steelpan innovators who invented the handpan in Trinidad was that it is an inherently flawed design due to its convex shape and its resonator, therefore it was discarded. But obviously, Steve Shehan, PANArt and Pantheon Steel believe that they can dumpster dive in the historical steelpan bins of Trinidad, scavenge for trashed steelpan ideas, and clean them up by white washing them with European white lies and claim credit for their ''discoveries''. 




Peter Tosh ''Fight Against Apartheid'' Lyrics:


 You in a me land - quite illegal.
You're in a me land - a dig out me gold.
In a me land - digging out my diamonds.
In a me land - digging out me uranium.

Now we gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.
My brothers gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.

You're in a me land - you no build no school for my children.
You're in a me land - no hospital for my people.
You're in a me land - all you build is prison, prison, prison.
You're in a me land - set up your army, camp, camp, camp.

You break off - break off from Britain.
You're quite illegal - right where you are.
You get your forces - from colonial powers.
Taking my diamonds - financing your ballistic missiles.

Now we gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.
My brothers gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.

Come outta mi land.
Come outta mi land.
Come outta mi land.
Come outta mi land.

Now we gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.
My brothers gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.

Come outta mi land - you're illegal.
Come outta mi land - you're victimization.
Come outta mi land - robbing all of my resources.
Come outta mi land - I say you're in there too long now, now.

We gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.
My brothers gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.

Come outta mi land - you know that you wrong, boy.
Come outta mi land - everything you do upside down.
Come outta mi land - you buried down yourself, too deep.
Come outta mi land - I say, you're inna my momma's land, too long.

We gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.
My brothers gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.

We are gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.
Don't care, we gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.

We gonna fight, fight, fight, fight..
I say we gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.

We gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid.
Everybody gonna fight, fight, fight, fight 'gainst apartheid..














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  • Admin on

    Dear Readers,

    If it is not obvious by now, KaribPAN is completely dismantling the entire Handpan Mafia and their handpan cult piece by piece, one blog article at a time. Where trolls once swarmed, they venture here no more because they realize that their demise is imminent. They cannot dispute the truth so instead, they resort to knee-jerk reactions and parody when confronted with the truth.

    Little old KaribPAN has the entire handpan industry running scared and it’s a classical David vs. Goliath scenario. KaribPAN can only do this work because our mission is based on righteousness and truth and proper understanding. We have the backing of the God of Israel and the fact that we have our foot on the neck of the evil handpan industry is proof!

  • Admin on

    Dear Admin McRedemption,

    Your response is the typical retort that I would expect coming from a Europeon enjoying white privilege. You and your ancestors victimize people of color for your own benefit, yet you play the blame game when challenged on your wicked history.

    If you think there is anything close to a level playing field when it comes to Euoropeons and every other race, good luck in trying to mystify the same racism you create! It’s typical of the European to go around the world creating havoc and inequality for his own benefit and then claim that his victims around the globe are personally responsible for their own deplorable conditions which he and his ancestors created.

    Look, I know it’s silly to expect Europeans to willingly give up white privilege, which makes their lives as a visible minority among the world’s people (who have color) a lot easier and insures their genetic survival among the majority of dark races! So please, continue to sit in your ivory tower and enjoy your white privilege and pretend that your victims of white supremacy have only ourselves to blame for our condition.

    On your day of Divine Judgement, just remember,

    Revelations 13:10 (KJV)

    He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

  • Admin_McRedemption on

    Dear Readers,

    Note that i have no idea what i am saying.

    You will learn more by staring at a wet-painted wall dry…and you will retain more sanity while doing so.

    I have nothing better to do with my life than to blame everyone else for my own problems. Ignorance is bliss, but im not ignorant. I sincerely believe my own bullshit.

    A big-shot proffessor literally called me insane, but i will ignore that and continue to blame everyone else.

    Someone please play with me.

  • Admin on

    Dear Readers,

    Please take note of the kind of ignorant comments handpan cult members make in response to the Steelpan Truth. As always, the responses are based on emotions, not facts or merits.

  • Your Mother on

    You, Son, are full of shit.
    You are full of paranoia and conspiracy rheories. You should go to a doctor. PANArt invented the handpan, they were the very first who made that indtrument so shut up you are talking bullshit you paranoid scum.

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