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A Few Questions Concerning the Uncanny Similarites Between Roots Reggae, Steelpan, Modern Reggae and the Handpan

In yet another trip down the steelpan road less traveled, there are some striking similarities between Reggae/Steelpan cultural misappropriation and the Modern Reggae/Handpan phenomena. While these topics have been alluded to in a few previous blog entries, it is fitting to expand upon it now as KaribPAN has been consistently stringing the cultural misappropriation thread that runs through the steelpan culture through all of the various loops, all the while making the obvious connections between Christopher Columbus style new-world colonization as it pertains to the steelpan, and the re-discovery of the handpan via PANArt and the Handpan Mafia.

The work that we do here is not for the weak minded, nor is it for the faint hearted. Contrary to what many disgruntled readers may believe, the bottom line for us is not selling instruments or competition in the marketplace. Obviously, the controversial, yet truthful articles that we publish on our blog are far from ideal selling points from the perspective of mass appeal. At the very least, it is obvious through consideration of our numerous articles that the handpan masses are like a dog, and the Handpan Mafia is akin to the tail that is literally wagging the dog.

While making and selling steelpan instruments is partially what we do, we also consider ourselves first and foremost to be social activitists and cultural gatekeepers concerning Caribbean culture, people. and history. Additionally, we strive to promote ethical business practices in the business of pan as we have maintained from day one. 

The steelpan was not invented in a vacuum, neither does it exist in one. Thus, a total, global perspective is highly beneficial when viewing the steelpan on the whole in light of the fact that the people of Trinidad and Jamaica (not to mention Guyana, Barbados. Cuba, and every other Caribbean nation) all have a shared history of ancestors who endured the transatlantic slave trade and colonization at the hands of various European colonial empires who stole and exploited our collective identity and individual intellectual property. 


The Similarities Between Original Jamaican Roots Reggae and the Trinidadian Steelpan

Reggae music as we know it, has roots in various periods of Jamaican music, and draws its influences from Mento, Ska and Rocksteady among other genres. Similarly, the steelpan has its roots in various indigenous forms of Trinidadian musical instruments such as the tamboo bamboo, and ping pong, du-dup, etc.

So how did the Reggae music go from this:


 to this?:

Note the 666 mark of the beast symbolism in the bottom right and left and corners of the above SOJA album cover, which is the identical 666 representation we uncovered on ''sakesho'', an album that is merely one of Andy Narrell's many satanic album covers. This same 666 symbolism was also highlighted in the handpan world as being prominent marketing elements of a demon conjuring maker named Mark Garner of Saraz Handpans, as well as his boss, Kyle Cox of Pantheon Steel

Incidentally, as in our aforementioned article on Andy Narrell where we offered proof that Andy Narrell is not a real Jew, but a member of the Synagogue of Satan, as spoken of in the book of Revelations chapters 2:9 and 3:9, Reggae also went from this:


to this?:


In a similar vein, how did the steelpan go from this:


to this?:

For more on the Hang Bal, please refer to our recent articles where we decoded the symbolism behind the Hang Bal and the Hang/Gubal

Suffice it to say, the connection should be clear. However, for the moment, we will leave the readers to ponder the questions above. 

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  • Admin on

    Dear Ein to the Stein,

    Just so you know know, you are quoting a proven fraud who was far from a genius!
    And we do have limits. We do not promote satanism, nazism, cultural misappropriation, paganism or any other wickedness as it relates to the steelpan or otherwise.

    Stay tuned.

  • Ein To The Stein on

    The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
    -Albert Einstein

    The Karibpan outfit has no limits

  • Admin on

    No doubt you are a so called “white” as your tone indicated as much. The Bible is clear on what will happen to all slavemasters and murderers, and in case you missed it the last time I posted it here, read what the Bible says will happen to you:

    Revelations 13:10 KJV

    He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

    What this Admin will or will not do is inconsequential, after all God will take care of you and pay you accordingly for your sins as well as the sins of your forefathers.

  • Educate_Rudy on

    Would you enslave me today if you could?
    Im white.

    How about other whites and jews.. would you enslave them?

  • Admin on

    Since we are asking questions here, I had a few of my own.

    How about the USA and the European colonial powers and their blue chip corporations who profited from the slave trade pay reparations to the descendants of slaves?

    What would the USA and Britain be without the free labor of millions of slaves and the mineral wealth of their respective nations?

    Did the USA ever thank the slaves for their blood and free labor?

    Perhaps you should remove your impossible world view which is tainted with white supremacy and white privilege. Your problem is you think negroes owe you something when your ancestors already stole everything while you continue to reap the benefits and play the victim.

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