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The Yoking Together of the Handpan and New Age Philosphy, Ayasa Unveiled and an Open Letter to Stevan Morris

With all of the articles on our blog in which we consistently discuss the steelpan instrument in light of the many negative colonial forces that greedily seek to carve out market share for themselves by any means necessary, a regular theme that has manifested repeatedly in our research (although rarely discussed by us) within the handpan industry is that of the New Age. Buddhism and Hinduism especially are widely promoted in concert with the handpan and in some cases inextricably linked, particularly in the case of the one-dimensional handpan maker from Holland, Ayasa. New Age philosophy and the handpan are increasingly being yoked together through a Crowleyite, colonial form of Thelema, which is Hindu in origin. 

But before we get way too ahead of ourselves and dive in head-first as we are so fond of doing, we want to be clear on that fact that we are not Christians as many mistakenly believe due to the fact that we are fond of quoting relevant Biblical Scriptures in our articles. We have stated on numerous occasions that we are Hebrew Israelites from the Lost Tribes of Israel spoken of in the Bible. The man whom many know as Christ was not a Christian, he was also a Hebrew Israelite from the tribe of Judah, which is one of 12 tribes of Israel. Christianity is a religion and Hebrew Israelite is a nationality, thus one cannot convert to being a Hebrew Israelite as it is a birth right which is determined by patrilineal descent. 

For instance, Stevan Morris of Hamsa Handpans, who is under the misguided illusion that we are somehow ''Christian'' even though he has claimed to have read ''many of our articles'', recently left the following comment on a recent article we published entitled, Handpan Industry Scrap Miners Who Live for the Crumbs that Fall from the Handpan Mafia's Table:

Stevan on

''Hey there. I won’t get much into the craziness that is this blog, but since my name was mentioned here. I will say clearly that my lack of attendance to hangout UK this year was due to an injury. I have xrays and medical records to prove it. I fully support the gathering and will surely attend in the future. Please stop making up lies about people, its immature and unChristian. Just leave us alone.

Praying for you Rudy. All I have been able to gather after reading your many articles is that you are fighting some strong internal demons. I wish you only the best in life and hope that time teaches you some more maturity and honesty. Life should be spent loving not hating. Peace and love to you and yours.''

For the record, it is necessary to remind the readers of what kind of demons we are exactly dealing with in this wicked Handpan industry, hence the reason why the previous comments from Stevan Morris are being re-published in this article. Our following response to these comments will set the stage for the remainder of this article which will be devoted to exposing the New Age demons in the handpan industy. 


An Open Letter To Stevan Morris

Dear Stevan,

Now that you have confirmed that we have your attention, since you claim to have read ''many of our articles'', how on earth did you miss the article we published on July 25, 2016? 

Hamsa Handpans The Talisman Teams with ''Pantasia Gathering'', a Secret Society Sect Selling Spiritual Snake Oil

Your name ''was mentioned'' all throughout the above article, including the title, and you were exposed as the handpan demon that you are, yet you did not make your presence known on until nearly three months later in order to put on your cape and rescue your butt buddy Kelly Hutchinson in the comment section of an article that did not even pertain to you.

Please help the readers to make sense out of your logic, Stevan. Something does not add up here. And regarding your calling in sick to Hangout UK this year, you could have at least shipped Kelly one of your handpans to raffle off at the gathering in lieu of your absence, but that did not happen either. You left poor old Kelly scrambling and begging around in an attempt to find another sucker to donate a free handpan for his annual Hangout UK raffle racket.  

Perhaps you should go ahead and publicize your x-rays and medical records in order to prove that you had a genuine sickness which prevented you from attending since you are offering to do so. And please save your prayers because the god who you pray to is not the Most High God of Israel, which is the God we worship and pray to. 

When you say, ''just leave us alone'' who are you referring to, Kelly Hutchinson, Mark Garner, Bob ''Please Feed The Musicians'' Eccleston and your other demonic handpan pirates in crime? 

Show the readers how ''mature and honest'' you are Stevan, and be honest for once in your life. The only demons that KaribPAN is fighting are demons like you and your cohorts. 




The Marriage of the Handpan with New-Age Eastern Mysticism

Bob ''Please Feed the Musicians'' Eccleston is an associate of Stevan Morris, and a character who we discussed in relation to Stevan Morris, The Pantasia Gathering and the Vow of Silence/Aleister Crowley. Here is a photo of Bob using the handpan in a yoga/eastern meditation setting, a setting in which more and more handpan colonizers are exploiting to the point that the words ''handpan'' and ''meditation'' are becoming synonymous. 


Bob ''Please Feed the Musicians'' Eccleston is featured above playing at a Yoga Center for a group of culturally misappropriating Europeans who are obviously weary and tired of their day which undoubtedly consisted of cultural exploitation (yoga/eastern meditation), white privilege and reaping the benefits of colonizers in a stolen land (Connecticut, USA). Who wouldn't be tired after such a day, much less an entire lifetime of such unearned excess? White privilege and the white man's burden must be really tough and stressful! What is even more incredulous is that the same cultures who the Europeans oppress and colonize (Trinidadian, Indians, Asians), are the same cultures they run to when in search of ''healing''. The irony of all of this is definitely not lost on us. 


Matthew 24:24 (KJV)

''For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.''

Recently, news of the Dalai Lama touching a handpan was a hot topic in the handpan world. It was almost if there was a collective feeling of affirmation on the part of the New Age, pagan oriented demographic in the handpan sphere, being that many of these same handpan new agers identify as Buddhists. In order to give the readers a better idea of how intertwined the handpan and eastern New Age philosophy has become, it is best to do another exercise in handpan industry symbolism, however on this occasion, we will discuss the symbolism as it relates to the New Age movement. 


Ayasa and the Lotus Flower Symbolism

According to Ralf from Ayasa, ''ayasa'' is a Sanskrit (Hindu) word which means ''steel''.

The website, describes the lotus flower as follows,

''As an occult symbol, the lotus flower can be found in Buddhist and theosophical circles. This includes temples, publications, New Age catalogs, and various eastern art work.''

In the case of Ayasa, we have a maker from the Netherlands known as Ralf, who has completely married his handpan brand with occultic, New Age lotus flower symbolism. Not only is this one-dimensional handpan maker a European cultural misappropriator due to his exploitation of the steelpan via the handpan, but he is also simultaneously using oriental/eastern mystic/pagan culture which is foreign to him in order to sell his handpans. 

In our research, we have found the lotus flower symbolism to be pervasive in the handpan world. It is literally everywhere from the logos of handpan makers, to festivals, to popular handpan art. However, when we look into the true occultic meaning behind the lotus flower, there are demonic forces present, which is no surprise considering the fact that this is the satanic/pagan handpan world we are discussing here. 


The following photo which features the Hindu goddess Kali and the lotus flower symbol, can be found on and is described as follows, 

''Kali, merciless Goddess of death and destruction, metes out justice and balancing of karma to her victims. Observe the satanic sign of Kali's left hand and her spinning on her finger of a sun sign.

 Her color is blue, same color as the Blue Lodge of Freemasonry (first three degrees). The rose and the lotus are her flowers, also the same flowers represented throughout the occult world by many other individuals and groups.''

Aleister ''The Great Beast'' Crowley aka ''The Wickedest Man On Earth'' is the person who is responsible for introducing New Age, Eastern Mysticism to the western world on a mass scale through his influence on popular music (The Beatles,David Bowie, etc.) and Hollywood. Crowley is quoted as saying, “I was not content to just believe in Satan, I wanted to be his chief of staff.”

In Our Savage God: The Perverse Use of Eastern Thought (1974), Spalding professor of comparative religion at Oxford, R. C. Zaehner, discusses Aleister Crowley and states the following on page 42:

''It may be assumed that in which John Symonds calls his “Buddhist phase,” when, in what is now Vietnam, he attained to one of the higher Buddhist trances (“Neroda-Sammapatti,” more correctly spelt nirodha-samapatti), which corresponds to what we would call the annihilation of the ego, he was tempted to turn his back on the world which, for the Buddhists, is not only full of sorrow and anxiety but actually is sorrow and anxiety, thereby attaining to the unutterable peace of Nirvana. This, however, was not the way of his “Holy Guardian Angel,” Aiwass, who taught him that absolute bliss could only be attained by enjoying the good things of this world to the full—riches, power, and above all sex, the earthly counterpart of the transcendent union of the opposites.''


More Lotus Flower Symbolism From Saraz & Pam Gogh Marinelli 

For more detailed symbolism behind the satanic inclinations of Mark Garner from Saraz, please read some of our many revealing articles we have published on the subject.

In the above image from Pam Gogh Marinelli, there is a HCT case complete with lotus symbolism, all-seeing-eye of Lucifer symbolism, and 666 symbolism in burning flames all wrapped up in one package! Apparently the artiste is doing a heck of a job foreshadowing the ultimate destiny of not only herself and Hard Case Technologies, but also the impending doom and destruction in hell of anyone who knowingly and willfully spends their money on such an evil product. 

The above photo is a representation of some more intermingling of 666 and lotus symbolism by Pam Gogh on the canvases of yet more demonic HCT hard cases. 

Last of all and likely the least of the New Age handpan pagans who employ the lotus flower as a marketing gimmick are:


Undoubtedly there are many more lotus flower peddling, handpan pagans hawking their wares, however, the point of this article is clear.

In closing, it is proper to leave the readers with the following chart which provides a visual, point by point comparison between pagan, New Age, eastern philosophies such as Buddhism and Hinduism and The True and Living Word of The Most High God of Israel. 















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  • AreYouGod? on

    God is to be the only judgement, so are you God? No? Then why are you judging so much? God is probably pretty angry right now because of you trying to do his job for him…

    You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.
    Romans 2:1

    Do not judge, or you too will be judged.
    Matthew 7:1

    A person may think their own ways are right,
    but the Lord weighs the heart.
    Proverbs 21:2

    You are surely going to burn in hell for this blog.

  • Stevan on

    Hey there,

    I chose not to address the article about me because frankly I don’t really care what you say about me, there isn’t much to “demonize”. The article 3 months ago was outlandish and grasping for straws, gave me a good chuckle. But when you use my name to hurt other people, I will clear up the misinformation.

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