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Spirit Handpans Heralds a New Low For the Handpan as the First FemiNazi, Vagina Promoting Maker on the Horizon, Plus the Asheville, NC Pagan Pan Connection

Whether or not to write this particular article has been a cause of immense internal debate at KaribPAN for the sole reason being that although we have been accused by some readers as being a reckless steelpan outfit with ''no limits'' concerning our critical articles focusing on the steelpan industry, sexual lewdness as it relates to the marketing of steelpan makers never occurred to us until we were advised of the following press release promoting the arrival of a new handpan maker on the scene. This announcement comes before even their first instrument has been unveiled, and the maker describes her new handpan outfit as ''primarily female driven'' (if feminism is not an issue here then being ''primarily female driven'' would be a moot point).

However, despite our reservations in tackling this particular subject, we ultimately decided that it was in the best interests of the steelpan public that they be made fully aware of the depth of the outright wickedness that is being sold to them, primarily through the promotion of Nazi/pagan/satanic symbols and ideology which are directly used to promote particular steelpan outfits and high profile personalities within the steelpan industry. After all, these are steelpan products at the end of the day that are being marketed to a steelpan public which for the most part is unaware of the exact depths of depravity they are supporting with their purchases from these demonic makers. 

Many of these demonic pan makers and pan personalities flock to  Asheville, NC, which is a well documented hotbed of Satanic activity in the USA and rife with ritual sacrifices, ritual murder and more. Jonathan Scales, a prominent pannist who we recently exposed as a Baphomet supporting buffoon calls Asheville, NC home. In the handpan world, Mark Garner from Saraz Handpans, Handpangea, and Hangout USA all call the Asheville area home, specifically Black Mountain of all places. Apparently we can now add Rebecca Paige Dancyger of Spirit Handpans to the list of steelpan pagans who now call Asheville, NC home.


Spirit Handpans Declares their FemiNazi, Vagina Promoting Presence on the Steelpan Scene


As the readers can clearly see, lascivious as it may be, Rebecca Paige Dancyger and co. are promoting vagina symbolism in their logo in the form of the ancient pagan symbol for Christianity, 

For more on the connenction between the handpan, Hinduism and the New Age Movement, please refer to our recent article in order to be assured that the logo of Spirit Handpans is not an isolated incident in the handpan world regarding the use of New Age/pagan ideology as promotional tools for steelpan products.

The Yoking Together of the Handpan and New Age Philosphy, Ayasa Unveiled and an Open Letter to Stevan Morris

However, now that the obvious symbolism of the female anatomy has been established, we would also like the readers to note the crescent moon symbolism in top of the Spirit Handpans logo. 

The Pagan fish symbol

Fish symbol

''The 'fish symbol' is today instantly recognised as a Christian symbol but this symbol was in use by Pagans for many generations before Christianity.

Ask any Neopagan and they will explain the most common interpretation is its derivation from a simplified image of a woman's womb or vagina. The fish symbol was often drawn by overlapping two thin crescent moons, signifying a woman's monthly cycle.''

At this point, most God fearing readers would be embarrassed after reading this far in the article. Not only is vaginal symbolism being blatantly used here to promote a ''primarily female driven'' handpan outfit of the future, but female menstrual cycle symbolism has also been implemented  in the Spirit Handpans logo design by virtue of the two crescent moons that are present. 


Rebecca Paige Dancyger, Gloria Steinem, and the Synagogue of Satan

What do Rebecca Paige Dancyger and confirmed CIA agent Gloria Steinham have in common, the readers may ask? In short answer, namely that they are both pagan, homosexual, feminism advocating Jewess AshkeNAZIs from the Synagogue of Satan who promote the same evil agenda within the world of the negro primarily, as well as the wider world in general. Dancyger promotes her evil in the negro world of the steelpan, and Steinem promotes her evil primarily among negro men and women, which has been a major cause of the destruction of the black family unit in the western world as well as other family units of all races, including so called ''whites''.

Although we will not digress on these details, we wanted to make this important connection clear. However, if the readers are inclined to further edify themselves on Gloria Steinem and her leading role in the destruction of the black family unit under the auspices of the CIA via their psyops programming called ''feminism'', please read the following article which will explain this agenda in more detail. 


As far as Dancyger of Spirit Handpans is concerned, let us perform yet another KaribPAN exercise in spotting the satanic handpan maker symbolism.


(Dancyger Proclaiming her allegiance to the Handpan Dark Side with Stolen Property)


For the readers who remember our article entitled 

The PanART Hang & Gubal: Percussion Personifications of Saturn and Satan's Mushroom,

where we exposed the eerie similarities between the PANArt Gubal and Darth Vader, it should be very obvious we were not joking. 

(Dancyger's Promotion of Homosexuality, Blasphemy and Idol Worship via Trendsetting, Transgender Abomination, RuPaul)


(Dancyger's Unlucky Black Cat and Pagan Pentagram)

Please note the photo heading where she admits that she is a practicing witch and says, ''Don't mind us, we're just casting spells. #witchy #blackcat....feeling witchy''


(Dancyger Artwork Alongside Her Celebration of Halloween, the High Satanic Holiday and Her Guns N' Roses esque Appetite for Destruction)

Apparently, Rebecca Dancyger got her start tuning for Aura Handpans. We took the following photo of a big, familiar satanic 6 that we find almost everywhere among Handpan Mafia makers etched into the gu-side of a handpan featured on a page on the Aura Handpans website:


The Asheville, North Carolina Satanic Handpan Coven?

This past summer, KaribPAN brought to light the fact that Jonathan Scales, who is a widely acclaimed pannist based in Asheville, NC, is a satanic steelpan puppet. Mr. Scales in true satanic form lied when  presented with our evidence, and denied the facts to his fans while scurrying around trying to delete the incriminating photographic evidence that we saved and posted of him. He proved himself to be a bumbling buffoon in the whole episode, but in the entire process of exposing Mr. Scales, Danny Sorenson, who is an associate of Rebecca Dancyger as well as a self-proclaimed satanic graphic artist who is commissioned to design graphics for various people in the handpan industry posted the following comment:

''Danny Sorensen There's a pan maker in the islands that has been on a blog rampage the past couple months, against most of the "satanic elitists" of the handpan community. He has made similar allegations almost across the board about most makers. He even called out a logo I created for a company as being satanic and filled with subliminal 666's and such. Like you, I was somewhat honored to be amongst the pantheon (lol) of evil doers. If someone hates on you, you've truly made it. right?!?! LOL!''

In light of the above comments by Danny Sorenson and his affiliation with Dancyger, could he be the graphic artist behind the vagina/menstruation inspired logo design of Spirit Handpans?

Consider the following photo where Mr. Sorenson is flashing the V for ''vulva/vagina'' symbol:

Before any readers mistakenly think, ''That is a peace sign, not a symbol signifying the occult or female genitalia!'', please read the following information which has been published on

Sign of the Horned God, Pan

Paranoia magazine, an interesting publication which bills itself as "the conspiracy reader" had a picture some years back of Churchill displaying the "V." An astute reader knowledgeable of dark things wrote a letter to the editor in the next issue commenting on Churchill and his sign.


Nigel A. Cornwall of Britain wrote, "The sign I believe has its origins as a symbol for a pagan horned God."

Cornwall also suggested that when the sign is given with the palm inside, it is recognized as a horribly vulgar and offensive gesture—signifying penetration of both body orifices.

Done in the typical fashion, this sign literally means intercourse by the devil—to be violated sexually by the horned God. The thumb holding down the fingers creates the "vulva," while the two largest fingers pointed up are the horns of the God (Satan).


Danny Sorenson is also affiliated with Saraz and Hangout USA, interconnected handpan organizations which are also based in Asheville, NC. But the more pressing question is, ''Is there a satanic handpan coven in Asheville, NC?''

Rebecca Dancyger is a self professed witch, Mark Garner channels demons into his handpans via inverted pentagrams drawn into the shells, and Rusty James, affiliate of Mark Garner and founder of Handpangea is also based in Asheville, NC. Here is a weird photo of ''Crusty'' Rusty James in the act of putting a whole snake into his mouth:



However, in closing, I would like to encourage the readers to read the following article published on which goes into some depth about the ''pagan Mecca of the south-east USA, Asheville, NC'':

Satanism in America Today: Asheville, NC


We would also like to remind the readers to think very carefully before purchasing a handpan with demonic spirits such as the ones being offered for sale in the future from Spirit Handpans, as well as any other demonically infested instrument offered by Saraz of Asheville, NC. Please refer to our steelpan buying guide with a list of a few known handpan makers who offer Satan-free instruments.

Psalms 2 (KJV)

 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,

Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion.

I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.

Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel.

10 Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.

11 Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

12 Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.












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  • matthew meinecke on

    As a true Christian and not A FAKE CHRISTIAN THAT thinks jews and homos go to heaven. I agree with this post. these symbols are of the devil.

    witches gays jews and muslims will be barred from entering heaven

    repent if you want to be saved.

  • Animalfriend on

    I personally know Danny and he is all
    About Peace, Love, unity… kindness to animals, craft beers, great coffee and making music against the backdrop of the sunset… not satanism, that is RIDICULOUS!!!

  • Desiree Dotson on

    To harbor such anger and negative energy, you must truly be miserable. I’m sorry for you and honestly hope you find peace.

  • Nancy on

    Delete this story…. It makes you look really bad, not those you write about. Religeous people are kind. Look for kindness within yourselves.

  • The Juice on

    You are ill, maybe get checked out by a psychologist or something. Sounds like you are an extremist and a hater. Get a life and focus on yourself instead of bashing someone you don’t even know and making totally un-related connections. You are full of it.

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