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A Discussion on Handpan Scammers Positioning Themselves as the ''Scam Police'' and the Mother of all Pan Scams

The entire handpan industry is based on a scam perpetuated by two Swiss Germans; Felix Rohner and Sabine Schärer, who are founders of a company called PANArt. Many of the articles in our blog have focused on this global Swiss scam, which has been perpetuated by many more European descended monkey-see-monkey-do copycats worldwide. But what happens when the scammers position themselves as police to persecute and arrest others? KaribPAN's Undefeated Record in a Staunch Campaign of Anti-Scam and Anti-Spam Going by a rough estimate, it is clear at this point that KaribPAN has published approximately sixty articles in six months,...

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A Commentary on the Proper Calibration of Pan Sticks Complete with Some Tongue-in-Cheek Cultural Appropriation of Classical Music on a ''Guppy'' Pan

As a steelpan enthusiast who has thrived and sometimes barely survived, while consistently relying solely upon on the pan as a means of material existence, many topics of discussion related to this life present themselves daily for sussing out. One such topic is that of the proper calibration of one's sticks.  Sticks Should Be Calibrated According to the Unique Properties of Each Pan Every steelpan instrument has a unique individual voice. The quality of pans according to their makers runs the gammut as with any instrument, and the quality of steelpans naturally range from very high to very low according...

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No Matter How Many Different Names Culture Vultures Give to Pan, A Pan is Still a Pan

Author: Rudy Kendall

To date, the steelpan instrument as we know it has undergone full scale neo-colonization, where much proof of this fact lies in the numerous different names that have been coined for the instrument. The Pan has turned into everything but a Pan according to the colonizers, who have re-named the instrument everything from ''Bells'' to ''Harps''. Without a doubt, this ever constant flow of new names being attributed to the same old instrument is part of the tried and proven ''divide and conquer'' colonization tactic that has been used by Europeans throughout history in order to carve up the continents...

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The Swastika Symbol Strikes Again in the Steelpan Industry with Jeremy ''Germy'' Arndt Promoting His Nazi Roots on the Yoga Class Tour Circuit

Trading the life of a true, multi-dimensional artiste for anything short of Eternal Salvation and dear loved ones is a raw deal. Authentic artistes, skilled in many art forms often find themselves struck with sudden inspiration to create something new and artistic. As inspiration can come quite often and suddenly to artistes of this particular ilk in question, such artistes must be flexible, and willing to follow the inspiration beckoning them to be materialized into art. With that being said, Jeremy ''Germy'' Arndt was not even on the menu this fine, cold evening, as an entirely different topic was on...

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Steelpan Blogging As a Labor of Love - Celebrating Our Six Month Anniversary as a Game Changing Steelpan Blog Source

As steelpan and handpan enthusiasts are well aware, online blogs concerning the steelpan and its handpan instrument offshoots that are of good quality and consistent are few and far between in the industry. Suffice it to say, blogging about any topic is no easy task and no less of an easy task when one thinks about the difficulty in blogging about niche topics, such as the steelpan and handpan instruments simultaneously and their relationship to each other and their broader respective communities. When one further considers steelpan and handpan related blogs that do not promote advertisements in order to monetize...

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