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A Discussion on Handpan Scammers Positioning Themselves as the ''Scam Police'' and the Mother of all Pan Scams

The entire handpan industry is based on a scam perpetuated by two Swiss Germans; Felix Rohner and Sabine Schärer, who are founders of a company called PANArt. Many of the articles in our blog have focused on this global Swiss scam, which has been perpetuated by many more European descended monkey-see-monkey-do copycats worldwide. But what happens when the scammers position themselves as police to persecute and arrest others?

KaribPAN's Undefeated Record in a Staunch Campaign of Anti-Scam and Anti-Spam

Going by a rough estimate, it is clear at this point that KaribPAN has published approximately sixty articles in six months, while spreading the gospel of steelpan truth in spite of steep opposition. In spite of the sheer, unprecedented publishing of original steelpan articles in such a short space of time, not a single iota of the loads of information we have presented in this blog has been successfully refuted on the merits in an unbiased public domain, not to mention the public domains where we have a voice. Despite the KaribPAN blog being a huge steelpan troll magnet, we allow all comments that do not contain profane or vulgar language. Most of the defamatory comments and personal insults made against us are allowed to remain on our site because the idea of censorship is not appealing to us and it is not something that we promote. After all, lies do not hurt our feelings especially when we know they are not true, so we do not get emotional over steelpan trolls, obviously. 

However, there are many online steelpan forums who do not share our idea of free speech, and have banned us from having a voice and defending ourselves and promoting the steelpan truth, while they slander us while denying us the opportunity to defend ourselves. Why are you haters of free-steelpan speech so fearful of the truth? 

Matthew 5:10 (KJV)

Blessed [are] they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


Not being ones to brag (we are definitely not bragging), KaribPAN is the only steelpan related outfit on the frontlines of a global battlefield where a steelpan World War has been taking place. This war in large part, involves forces of evil (The Satanic Handpan Mafia) and their minions who have been attempting to re-invent steelpan history while pirating and profiteering through the myth that the Hang/handpan is an instrument that was invented in Switzerland by Felix ''Runner'' Rohner and Sabine ''Sweet Lies'' Schärer. Michael ''Poshcow'' Paschko, although being specifically and thoroughly exposed as a steelpan charlatan by Dr. Anthony Achong (who is arguably the preeminent technical steelpan authority as well as author of ''Secrets of the Steelpan: Unlocking the Secrets of the Science, Technology, Tuning of the Steelpan''), is also greatly responsible for perpetuating PANArt lies online. 

When Dr. Achong broke his personal vow to never post on social media this past summer in order to finally set the historical record straight regarding the real history of the Hang/handpan, this was taken as an offical endorsement by us, especially in light of the fact that while in addition to confirming what KaribPAN had been saying all along regarding our claim that the Hang is stolen intellectual property, Dr. Achong also handed Michael ''Poshcow'' Paschko his figurative handpan hat, and promptly dismissed him as being a Pan pretender.

KaribPAN is the Steelpan Red Pill

Concerning the steelpan truth that we promote, there are usually no fence sitters. For the most part, pan enthusiasts either choose to take the red pill or the blue pill when confronted with our articles and our information. So when we refer to Felix Rohner as Felix ''Runner'', Sabine Schärer as Sabine ''Sweet Lies'', and Michael Paschko as Michael ''Poshcow'', it is because they have wholeheartedly earned these nicknames.

Just in this article alone, up to this point, 10 different links to some of our own, original articles have been included as source material for this article. In all of our relevant articles, we include source links, and as we continue to publish new, groundbreaking articles regarding Pan, the more our blog itself becomes a virtual steelpan library which contains an ever increasing amount of completely revolutionary information, much of which has never been previously researched or published within the steelpan world to our knowledge. For instance, if inquiring minds wanted to know about the influence of the occult on the Pan world, the only place they could find substantial, relevant, factual information concerning this topic is 

As KaribPAN has been known to push the proverbial envelope in a number of Pan related areas, we have become trail blazers, and as we are on the frontlines of the side of the Good and Godly in the steelpan war of good vs. evil, we definitely expect to bear the brunt of the backlash that we have received and will undoubtedly continue to receive in the future.

The Mother of All Pan Scams and How Scammers Earned Their Names

As previously mentioned, every Pan scammer who has earned a pejorative KaribPAN nickname earned it and has proven to be well deserving of it. Let us just go through a quick run down of some of the most prominent Pan scammers who have earned the dishonor of receiving a KaribPAN nickname:

Felix ''Runner'' Rohner - Mr. Rohner earned his nickname because from very early on in our blog, he let it be known to us through email that we have his attention. Before we ever mentioned his name in our blog, he was sending us cordial invitations to visit the PANArt Hang Bauhaus in Switzerland, and trying to indoctrinate us into his blue pill, steelpan fantasy world of lies and illusions. Even though we declined every offer he extended to us, he continued to write us, sending us published PANArt related propaganda and long emails offering to send us gifts, while trying to get us to drink his Germanic Kool-Aid. 

However, once Dr. Achong published his article, ''Dr. Achong Comments on the Pan-Hang Argument'' and essentially dropped a nuclear bomb on PANArt's pan fantasy world, we began to hear from Felix ''Runner'' Rohner less and less. In fact, when we wrote to Felix and implored him to make a public statement on Dr. Achong's article, it took him nearly two months to personally reply with a weak public statement which did not even remotely address any of the issues Dr. Achong addressed in his history making article. Felix basically disappeared and ran away back into the Swiss abyss from which he emerged and disappeared from our radar.  Thus, ''Runner'' is a more than appropriate nickname for this steelpan cultural misappropriator-in-chief, not to mention the sublime fact that the word ''runner'' sounds so similar to Rohner. In fact, if a Trini were to say the name Rohner, it would sound a lot like they are saying ''Runner'' due to the accent, and this is definitely no coincidence, it is Divine Intention! Felix was born a natural runner.

Before we established our blog back in May of this year, Felix ''Runner'' Rohner was already a satisfied customer of ours as he purchased a worthless pair of Pantheon Steel Nitrided Shells from us via a proxy located in Bolzano, Italy. He was not satisfied because he purchased a pair of worthless Pantheon Steel-produced cans for shells from us. Instead, he was satisfied that we are a legit steelpan making outfit which does not falsely advertise items that we sell. He knows this because he asked us for a bill of sale (which we provided) from Pantheon Steel in order that we may prove the now discontinued Pantheon Steel cans for shells we sold him were authentic. We actually published an article on this subject a few months ago entitled, ''Pantheon Steel Nitrided Shells are a Handpan Mafia Racket- Buyer Beware!'', where we exposed another one of many major Pan scams. As a result of our article, Pantheon Steel discontinued the sale of these cans for shells and the prices and demand for their instruments continue to fall to this day. 


Michael ''Poshcow'' Paschko - As a certified steelpan charlatan who was exposed by the most prominent steelpan technician in the handpan world, Dr. Anthony Achong (whose 1200 page book is in the possession of the most prominent tuners in the handpan world), Michael ''Poshcow'' was indisputably and mercilessly debunked by an undisputed steelpan expert. However, by the looks of it, Michael ''Poshcow'' is far from defunct in the handpan world, as he still seems to have some influence among certain Handpan Mafia minions who obviously lack the advanced, technical language skills used by Dr. Achong in order to bring Michael ''Poshcow'' back down to earth after his prolonged flight to the heights of steelpan stupidity aboard his Hang UFO. Among those who know better, like Daniel Bernasconi of Soma Sound Sculptures,  Michael ''Poshcow'' was exposed and dismissed by Dr. Achong for the steelpan pretender that he is, and among the contingent of the handpan world that knows better, ''Poshcow'' is effectively warming the bench on the battlefield, while cheerleading from the sidelines at this point while the war rages on. 

The fact that Michael ''Poshcow'' cannot seem to shut his mouth and put down his pom poms wherever handpan discussions are taking place, even after his humiliating rebuke by the proven pen of Dr. Achong makes him ''rich'', posh in fact as he is far from humble. Additionally, the fact that Michael ''Poshcow'' literally runs away everytime he is confronted by us and we demand a public apology from him regarding Dr. Achong's settlement of the Pan-Hang argument makes him a coward. Hence the name, Michael ''Poshcow''. Felix ''Runner'' obviously taught him how to run like a true steelpan scamming professional. For some odd reason, in any public forum where handpan discussions are taking place and Michael ''Poshcow'' is active, our voice in that forum is continually silenced and he is effectively shielded from us and the steelpan truth that we bring, while he goes on perpetuating his scam on behalf of himself and PANArt. 

A few days ago, in an online discussion forum where KaribPAN has been censored (despite causing over 400 new members to join the forum due to the linking of our articles there), a user who goes by the name of Henry Rose inquired about the availability of ''published research papers or essays regarding the development, culture, or other aspects of the handpan''. If Henry Rose knows anything about our blog, he would have no need to pose such a question, as we have discussed all of these topics in numerous well-researched essays in our blog. However, Michael ''Poshcow'' took it upon himself to further perpetuate his scam of convincing people that he is a knowledgeable steelpan source of information by pointing Henry Rose to the Hang Blog, which is owned and operated by Michael ''Poshcow'' with the express consent of Felix ''Runner'':

The initial response to the inquiry was posted by Mark D'Ambrosio, who recommends a copy of PANArt's book as well as their documentary, which we dissected in two critical articles which cut PANArt so clearly that they were compelled to complain to Dr. Achong and beg him to go on the record to discredit our blog. However, their plan of attempting to use Dr. Achong as a co-conspirator in their Pan scam back-fired when Dr. Achong published his essay, ''Dr. Achong Comments on the Pan-Hang Argument'' and decided to take the high road and state the steelpan truth publically for the sake of history and posterity. Yet, there is still an ignoramus by the name of Mark D'Ambrosio who is promoting propaganda and lies to inquiring individuals. 

Undoubtedly, Michael ''Poshcow'' felt invited by Mark D'Ambrosio's comments to plug his bogus blog. Although the topic of the Hang Blog and the numerous reasons why it is a bogus blog will be covered in a future article, for the purposes of this article, it is important to be clear on the fact that the Hang Blog lists an alleged Pan scammer and self-proclaimed Swiss-German racist as one of its authors and contributers. 

Werner ''Schwarzer Negger'' Egger - This racially biased buffoon earned his KaribPAN nickname because he is a blatant racist and idiot for exposing himself and his master, Felix ''Runner'' to a cloud of suspicion surrounding the claim that Felix was ''the first to build a steelpan in Switzerland''; on the Hang Blog of all places! (If there is ever a casting call for a production of ''The Handpan Three Stooges'', I would highly recommend that Felix ''Runner'', Michael ''Poshcow'' and Werner ''Schwarzer Negger'' be cast for the roles of Larry, Mo and Curly.) 

However, as Arnold Schwarzenegger comes from a genetic line of documented Germanic Nazis, so does Werner ''Schwarzer Negger'' Egger, because Werner is a poor learner who regards people from ethnicities who have a darker skin tone than himself as being inferior, ''schwarzer neggers''/black niggers.

In our past article on Werner the very poor learner, we exposed him as being an dim-witted ding dong.  As always, we do not expect the readers to take our word for anything we say, which is the reason why we persistently publish our sources. So please do not take our word when we tell you that Werner ''Schwarzer Negger'' Egger is a conniving steelpan scam artist. Take the words of Madhav Bhatt, a handpan player/''investor'' with an East Indian background who lives in London:

Werner, being a Swiss-German currently living in Thailand, is surely not one to speak of any ''english/indian prick living in a city that [he] didn't build'', considering the fact that Werner has been known to have lived in Australia, which is stolen and colonized Aborginal land, which he definitely did not build. Some have said that Werner has called Thailand home for some time now, and if this is the case, no matter which city in Thailand Werner ''Schwarzer Negger'' Egger currently calls home, he definitely did not build it, and neither did any Swiss-German who looks like him. Undoubtedly however, whatever city Werner calls home it is quite clear that he carries his white supremacist attitude with him wherever he goes. 

Despite Werner touting himself as a steelpan expert and a former PANArt apprentice, apparently no one to our knowledge has ever seen or heard an actual instrument made by him. We did not even know Werner allegedly made handpans or steelpans at all, since to our knowledge, there are no instruments with his name on them that can be found. However, this did not stop him from allegedly scamming Madhav Bhatt and dozens of other idiotic handpan investors who allegedly got caught up in a handpan ponzi scheme that has allegedly left Werner laughing all the way to the bank. 

Given what we have proven about this Swiss-German scammer already in these past six months, are these allegations so far fetched?


Handpan Scammers Themselves Are the Handpan Industry Police Whose Mission is to ''Stop Scammers'' - The Classic Case of the Fox Guarding the Henhouse

Where do criminals go to get justice if not the criminal justice (just us) system? Obviously the criminals themselves control the legal system and establish laws and penal codes which serve to persecute the poor and preserve the rich. Criminality and the construction and staffing of private prisons with public money is one of the fastest growing industries in the USA. Entire towns are built and thrive because of the prison industrial complex. Just take a look at Upstate New York for many prime examples of this phenomenon. When you add the fact that once imprisoned, prisoners provide cheap labor for as little as $.25 cents per hour for private corporations it is clear that that the corrections officers and wardens (police) are merely the overseers on a corporate plantation. Yet a criminal like Hillary ''Hitlery'' Clinton can run for president of the good old USA and only lose to another criminal like Donald ''Chump'' Trump who has not paid taxes on the countless billions he has earned over the years. 

As the criminal ''just us''(justice) system gives a reprieve to high falutin criminals like ''Hitlery'' Clinton and Donald ''Chump'', so does the recently created online discussion group called ''Handpan Scams'' serve to give a reprieve and a platform to handpan scammers like Michael ''Poshcow'' under the guise and pretense that they are somehow policing the handpan world for scammers. In the short life of this discussion group, Michael ''Poshcow'' has established himself as the hidden power who controls the group, as he has already made the group change their name numerous times, while being a primary driving force behind the few discussions that have taken place in that discussion group thus far. 

Bear in mind, that Michael ''Poshcow'' is an associate of Werner ''Schwarzer Negger'' Egger via the Hang Blog and PANArt, and handpan scammers such as these two stooges defend one another at all costs in order to keep their scam going. The proof of this is in Michael Poshcow's response to the racist comments made by Werner towards Madhav Bhatt, which were posted above in the previous screenshot:

Since no administrators of any relevant handpan discussion groups are allowing us to have our say where these discussions are taking place, they have created Orwellian style ''group think'' handpan environments where they indoctrinate the group members, rather than permit critical discussions to take place. We have proven this from day one as the number of discussion groups where our voice has been censored continue to grow by the week. However, these freedom of speech handpan haters fail to realize the power in an independent, free Pan speech promoting platform like, where we have a powerful, uncensored voice. 

In the ''Brave New World'' of the Handpan Industry where subliminal swastika logos are promoted by Germans of all people, it is no surprise to see that KaribPAN has emerged as a ''scammer'' according to a recessive Italian degenerate by the name of Albino. This is quite a fitting name if you ask us. 

Only a parent who is Cluster B personality disorder afflicted and wants their child to be mercilessly teased in school names their kid ''Albino''. 

Definition of albino



  1. :  an organism exhibiting deficient pigmentation; especially :  a human being that is congenitally deficient in pigment and usually has a milky or translucent skin, white or colorless hair, and eyes with pink or blue iris and deep-red pupil

Apparently, Albino was teased because of his name as a child and is now calling out the melanin-rich, orginal men of creation from KaribPAN in some sort of Freudian, psychoanalytical coping mechanism to compensate for his PTSD. 

In any event, we will not waste much time on the talk of fools who make allegations with no evidence. However we did find a wonderful opportunity in these knee-jerk, unfounded ''scammer'' allegations to prove exactly why KaribPAN has been winning the World War of Steelpan Truth. 

Albino, show us your sixty, well-researched articles complete with sources from your ''handpan career''. In fact, show us some handpans (or steelpans) that you have made, better yet, show us some of your satisfied customers....Silly us, you have none of the above to show! Albino while you are adminstering your discussion group filled with fastfood handpan hamburgers, pray tell, 



Turning Those Who Hate Into Those Who Heed- What Winning Looks Like

Madhav Bhatt was a very vocal, early critic of ours who basically protested the publishing of our articles wherever he found them and advocated the censorship and silencing of our steelpan voice. But as in everything in life, the tide changes and so did Madhav as he has repented from his hate-filled ways and is seemingly trying to join the side of the steelpan truth after allegedly getting scammed and abused by the Germans and learning the hard way. Recently, Madhav came to to publically relent and make amends(in his own way) in our comment section.

We feel for you Madhav, we really do, but we do not feel for you that much because we told you so! As the old folks say in the Caribbean, ''Those who don't hear shall feel'' and apparently Madhav is feeling it now, along with dozens of other alleged scam victims. The truth about this alleged handpan ponzi scheme will eventually come to light, and when it does, KaribPAN will be there with some more insightful comments and perhaps another, ''We told you so'' opportunity. 

In the meantime, let Madhav Bhatt be a poster boy for the KaribPAN haters who switched sides and joined the side of steelpan truth. With that, here is an echo of a quote that Madhav posted recently, which really applies perfectly to KaribPAN when all is said and done.










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