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The Hard Case Technologies ''666'' Laced Triquetra and More Subliminal Satanic Tricks in the Handpan Market

Author: Rudy Kendall

It is readily apparent that among the so called ''handpan community'' that there is a recurring theme of one embarking upon one's own personal journey through the discovery of the handpan. To be sure, the self styled ''handpan community'' that congregates online and consists of members who read and participate in various handpan discussion forums is not an accurate representation of the many handpan consumers who do not read or participate in online discussion forums centered around the handpan. However, this idea of the individual ''handpan journey'' and self-discovery remain at the forefront of the consciousness of the collective handpan community in question. Overwhelmingly, this journey is more of a collective desire on the part of the online handpan community in general to speed down the fastlane of the handpan highway to hell in one massive herd of satanic sheep suffering from demonic handpan indoctrination and an overall herd mentality. 


The KaribPAN Handpan Journey on the Road Less Traveled

Regarding the specific handpan journey of KaribPAN, the road less traveled has included numerous unfounded attacks and false allegations, all of which we have factually disproven whenever they arise and we become aware of them. Not only is our handpan journey akin to the road less traveled, in many cases, we find ourselves in completely uncharted territory especially concerning revelations we have brought to the fore concerning the Handpan Mafia

One Handpan Mafia goon named Alessio "No Finessio" Massi has a bone to pick with KaribPAN due to of some our past articles which have been critical of HCT and the role these maggots of mass manufactured handpan hard cases have played in the proliferation of satanic symbolism within the industry. 

But Alessio "No Finessio" lives in a world where he flies ground bound jets headed to the junkyard, and he falsely believes that everyone is as dumb as he looks.

In an article that we published a few months ago entitled, ''High Falutin Flunkies of the Satanic Handpan Agenda: Aciel, Orbipan, Sonobe, E.C.S., Mana Steel & More'', which was another one of our many articles to go viral in the online handpan world, we first featured the logo of HCT in one of our many mental exercises where we challenge our readers to ''spot the Satanic symbolism''. However, up to this moment in time, we have never explicitly exposed the 666 symbol that is the most prominent feature of the HCT logo. Instead of leaving it up to our readers (many of whom have calcified pineal glands and are in a spiritual coma) to decipher the subliminal 666 symbolism in the HCT logo, we will make it abundantly clear in order that there is absolutely no confusion regarding the HCT agenda in the handpan world.


Alessio ''No Finessio'' Massi and his HCT ''666'' Laced Triquetra

If this logo looks familiar now, that is only because as we have proven over the life of this blog, The Handpan Mafia consists of a troupe of monkeys engaged in old-fashioned monkey business, who only specialize in and perfect the ''arts'' of copying, counterfeiting and con artistry as they relate to the steelpan. Some proof of this is in the fact that Orbipan has fundamentally the exact same logo as HCT with the exception that HCT has upped the satanic ante and doubled their portion of handpan demon conjuring by embedding their 666 subliminal within a triquetra. But before we delve into the satanic nature of the triquetra symbol, allow us to present some hard evidence of yet more instances of outright monkey-see-monkey-do behavior on behalf of the handpan industry courtesy of HCT and Orbipan. 

Google Chrome:

Lucius (Lucifer) Capital:

HCT and Orbipan are highly unorginal to say the least, and this much is clear. Afterall, clearly Satanism is not about being creative, but instead it is ultimately based on one being a pervert in the sense that the quest of Satanists is to spread perversion and make it acceptable and normal. As they say, misery loves company and the handpan industry is perfect proof of this based on the evidence.


The Triquetra Symbol

Apparently, Alessio ''No Finessio'' Massi is a Led Zeppelin fan, and he is such a big fan of theirs that he blatantly ripped off their logo and promotes satanism and the 666, just like his idols.

Just as Led Zeppelin promoted satanism to the masses through their use of the triquetra and hidden satanic messages in their music, so does Alessio ''No Finessio'' Massi promote and sell satanic principles to the handpan masses through his Evatek hard cases. There is no doubt about this fact given the evidence. 

In the case that Alessio ''No Finessio'' Massi is not a Led Zeppelin fan and this is all just happens to be one big satanic ''coincidence'' (there is no such thing as coincidence), says the following about the triquetra symbol:

 "The Triqueta is used as the centerpiece for the logo for The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP). The ITP is a new age school following the Jungian Psychology [occultist Carl Jung]. One of their stated goals is     ". . . to reach the recognition of divinity within" ( (see Genesis 3:5, " shall be as gods...") 
"The same symbol (with a circle) >>
is displayed by the rock group Led Zeppelin. 
Members of Led Zeppelin are deeply involved in satanism and the occult. Guitarist Jimmy Page, so consumed with satanism, actually purchased satanist Aleister Crowley's mansion. Most believe the symbol is from the teachings of Aleister Crowley and represents 666.
And here goes Aleister Crowley, rearing his Great Beastly, ugly head again concerning the handpan world. Thus far in our blog, Aleister Crowley has been mentioned in three separate articles where we have shown that his teachings and philosophy have definitely influenced the handpan industry.  Crowley's motto and main tenant was ''Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law'', which in reality forms the philosophical basis among the online handpan community when they embark upon their personal journeys through the handpan, and unfortunately, in many cases these journeys which consist of no rules, no moral ethics, no empathy for the Trinis whose intellectual property they have stolen and perverted and profiteered from, totally reflect the ''do what thou wilt'' philosophy of Aleister Crowley and his Crowleyite satanic followers. says the following about the triquetra symbol:

''The Triquetra Symbol Another symbol of the occult adopted by Christianity. This symbol is used to symbolize the Christian trinity doctrine, however this symbol was originally used to represent the Three-Part Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone). This symbol is used as a secretive sign by the Aquarian Conspirators (A New Age Cult) and appears on "The Aquarian Conspiracy" a New Age handbook. This symbol also appears on the popular TV show "Charmed" which promotes witchcraft and appears on the front cover of ''The Book of Shadows'' which is used in witchcraft and satanism.''


More Subliminal Satanic Tricks: Richard Bowring of Sounds Inspiring

Richard "Boring" Bowring is another Germanic germ of the handpan industry who raised our eyebrows early on in the life of our blog when he bawled like a baby about the fact that we used an image of him we obtained from Google images for our article, ''The Radical Differences Between the Traditional Steelpan Communities and the Handpan Communities''. Richard ''Boring'' Bowring took childish exception to the fact that we featured him as an early poster boy (no pun intended) for handpan cultural misappropriation on, and cried and bawled that we violated a copyright on his image. Thanks to Richard, we learned very quickly how to publish images on our blog without regards to claims of ''copyright violation'' by hurt individuals such as Richard ''Boring'' Bowring who cannot seem to handle the truth about what he does for a living.

Hey Richard, how do you like us now?

Not very much we imagine! You will probably dislike us even more when we prove that you are just another culturally misappropriating devil in the handpan industry who promotes satanism that subliminally flies under the radar in the form of 666. 

Sounds Inspiring Subliminal 666 Logo Deciphered:


Does it make sense after the indisputable evidence that we have provided to purchase a handpan from a maker with a Satan-Free Sound, only to buy a hard case from HCT or a handpan stand from Sounds Inspiring and channel unwanted demonic energy into your beloved handpan and more importantly your life? 

KaribPAN has been like a sleeping lion in the industry, and as the elders say in the Caribbean, ''when the lion is sleeping, never try to wake him''. 



 The Gladiators - Watch Out

Watch out, they will betray you,
So I won't have them where I dwell.
Yes, they will want to fool dread,
And dreadlock is dreader than dem.

Ye, evil men of Satan, why do you try to provoke I?
Do you hear, when the lion is sleeping?
Never you try to wake him, wake him.
Backbiters where will you run to, when knotty dread a come?
You would wish that day, you'd never been born.

Dreadlocks I tell you that:
I man can sight things from afar.
So you can take a tip from I,
A wise head keep better still tongue,
And silent river, you know, run deep.

He who have ears will hear.
He who have tongue will tell.
He who have eyes will see.
What you sow, is what you shall reap, yeah.
Weak heart, where will you run to when knotty dread a come?
You would wish that day, you'd never been born.

Dreadlocks I tell you that: Watch out, they will betray you,
So I won't have them where I dwell.
Yes, they will want to fool dread,
And dreadlock is dreader than dem.


Weak heart, where will you run to when knotty dread a come?
You would wish that day, you'd never been born.

Dreadlocks I tell you that: Watch out, they will betray you,
So I won't have them where I dwell.
Yes, they will want to fool dread,
And dreadlock is dreader than dem.

Watch out, they will betray you,
So I won't have them where I dwell.
Yes, they will want to fool dread,
And dreadlock is dreader than dem.

Watch out, they will betray you,
So I won't have them where I dwell.
Yes, they will want to fool dread,
And dreadlock is dreader than dem..













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