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The Swastika Symbol Strikes Again in the Steelpan Industry with Jeremy ''Germy'' Arndt Promoting His Nazi Roots on the Yoga Class Tour Circuit

Trading the life of a true, multi-dimensional artiste for anything short of Eternal Salvation and dear loved ones is a raw deal. Authentic artistes, skilled in many art forms often find themselves struck with sudden inspiration to create something new and artistic. As inspiration can come quite often and suddenly to artistes of this particular ilk in question, such artistes must be flexible, and willing to follow the inspiration beckoning them to be materialized into art.

With that being said, Jeremy ''Germy'' Arndt was not even on the menu this fine, cold evening, as an entirely different topic was on deck and being prepped for the KaribPAN blog. However, that random artistic inspiration emerged beckoning from the ether, causing us to answer the call and change course in order to publish this article instead. 


''Germy'' Arndt and the Subliminal Nazi Swastika 

Steelpan related swastikas are nothing new at this point. In our article ''From Russia With Hate: The Swastika Steel Tongue Drum'', we highlighted a particular bastardized steelpan (''tongue drum'') maker from Russia who has sold instruments promoting the swastika under the cover that it was a ''Jain'' swastika being featured on the instrument. To the average reader, Russian steel tongue drum makers, Indian Jainism and white supremacy are an odd mix, however, to regular readers of the KaribPAN blog, there is sense to be made of this cross-continental hodgepodge of Caribbean exploitation. 

Now enter ''Germy'' Arndt, whose name is quite fitting given the fact that he is a germ in the Pan industry who is of German descent. ''Germy'' has an interesting logo which stood out upon incidentally taking notice of it through research being conducted on the other article we had planned to publish tonight. 

Let's have a look at the logo in question:

Do you see the Nazi swastika symbol subliminally staring at you?

How about now?


''But wait, this must be a Jain swastika, since Jainism comes from India and so does yoga, and 'Germy' Arndt's handpan bread and butter comes from touring the USA yoga class circuit!'', some naive readers may think. More on this later in the article. 


Crescent Moon Symbolism x4

Looking at ''Germy'' Arndt's logo, any steelpan enthusiast would be hard pressed to discover the relevance concerning his logo and Pan, much less music in general. After all, ''Germy'' describes himself as ''a musician and world traveler'' according to the bio page of his website. However, as KaribPAN has proven consistently over the past six months, when it comes to the steelpan, we compel the Pan community to look at itself critically as we did when we exposed the symbolic menstruating vagina featured in the logo of Spirit Handpans, and the relationship between the two crescent moons present in their particular logo to the fish/vagina subliminal symbolism. In the case of ''Germy'' Arndt, we will discuss the crescent moon symbolism as it relates to the swastika/pagan sun symbolism of his logo. Not surprisingly, Rebecca Dancyger of Spirit Handpans, is of German descent, as well as Eckhard ''666'' Schulz, Felix Rohner, Sabine Schärer, Ralf from Ayasa, as well as other less notable germs whom we have sterlized on this blog. 

What is in the peculiar Germanic spirit that allows people descended from these tribes to gallivant around the earth pillaging, plundering and proliferating decadence as in the case of the above mentioned Germs? Could the Germans be the devil incarnate? These questions are perhaps a topic for another blog on another website. Perhaps not, either way, we will not be discussing these topics in this article, so the readers will have to come to their own conclusions for now concerning these questions.  

Nonetheless, it is clear that ''Germy'' Arndt and Rebecca Dancyger are operating on the same Germanic wavelength in light of their crescent moon laden logos. states the following concerning the crescent moon:

''The crescent moon symbolizes the Architect deity, "Sin" (Akkadian: Su'en, Sîn) a.k.a. Nanna (Sumerian: DŠEŠ.KI, DNANNA) the god of the moon in Mesopotamian mythology. Nanna is a Sumerian deity, the son of Enlil and Ninlil, and became identified with Semitic Sin.''

Without getting bogged down in Sumerian mythology, let's take a look at the definition of the crescent moon according to

''The Crescent Moon is a Witchcraft symbol of the Goddess, and therefore usually worn only by women.  It is shown in its waxing phase, and worn by young women of birthing age.  The word Crescent comes from the Latin creare which means to create.  This is a symbol of female fertility, and the ability of women to create life.''

In essence, ''Germy'' Arndt has subliminally presented the viewer with his warped idea of ''balance'' through his logo, via the feminine (crescent moon) and masculine (swastika sun), with the most notorious symbol of white supremacy as its centerpiece. From his perspective, German domination of the cultures of the ''untermensch'' which he exploits for a living is quite natural and ''balanced'' to him, thus as far as he is concerned, his logo must make perfect sense and be totally relevant to what he does for a living, regardless of what some befuddled viewers of his logo may think.

All the while ''Germy'' fails to see that he, as a globetrotting German who monetizes and exploits multiple, totally unrelated foreign cultures (steelpan, digeridoo, Eastern Philosopy) simultaneously, appears extremely unbalanced:

However, to the culturally misappropriating, ''white'', middle class yoga classes that he plays for, ''Germy'' Arndt is apparently perceived as being quite well balanced. Notwithstanding the fact that ''Germy'' has the look of a proverbial deer caught in the headlights in the above photo, looks completely soul-less and lost, and must be thinking, ''I can't believe people actually pay me for this!''


The Handpan Yoga Class ''Tour'' Circuit

While browsing through Germy's website, his ''tour schedule'' came to light. At first it looked quite impressive with all of those dates he has lined up, until upon further inspection, the fact that all of these ''tour dates'' are various Yoga classes around the USA raised the old eyebrows. 

Apparently Bob ''Please Feed The Musicians'' Ecclestone has taken a page out of Germy's book where Yoga class handpan gigs are concerned, with the exception being that ''Germy'' takes his culturally misappropriating minstrel show cross country USA, whereas Bob seems to stay local. Either way, these two seem to have found a niche market as far as a new way to whore out the handpan via Yoga class gigs. 

In closing, we will leave the readers with a wise saying of the Caribbean elders which is based in Biblical Scripture, and while we have quoted this wise saying before on this blog, we will quote it again; ''You are judged by the company you keep.'' 

Here are some of the usual Handpan Mafia/Satanic Handpan Agenda suspects that ''Germy'' Arndt promotes on his website;

Pantheon Steel, Colin Foulke, ESS AsaChan, PANArt, Saraz, Symphonic Steel (SS), Aura Handpans, Aciel. In other words, a veritable who's who of the Handpan Mafia and like a typical germ, ''Germy'' spreads other germs like him around the steelpan industry and promotes them to his deluded, germ infested followers. 


Proverbs 13 (KJV)

20He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.











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    Wrong. Swastikas face the other way. This symbol is over 15,000 years old and is a buddhist and hindu symbol that means “to do good”. You are just another IGNORANT asshole spreading disinformation online. And you know damn well what I mean when I say you’re IGNORANT.

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